Saturday, December 1, 2007

Santa Paws!

Hi Ya'll Ginger here...
scary, exciting all mixed together!
m&d took us to PetSmart to see Santa Paws
now our pics are not the best cos there was a camera thingy
& the elf taking the pictures frankly did not know what she was doing
it even frustrated Santa 'Glen' Paws
it made the experience very stressful for m&d
so many good shots WASTED cos the elf
m&d ran out of patience
Santa Glen was getting a little hot under his fur
cos his elf was making the whole thing not worth it
oh & the line was getting long and humans were thinking
we were not good doggies and it was the elf!
Santa Glen even got down on the floor with us
then the elf would hit something on the camera thingy
and it would lock or something
oh our daddy wanted to take the camera thingy away and do it himself
cos it was the not so smart human elfie messing everything up!
Anyways, even thought the pics weren't all that great
it was for a good cause something about 'The Cat People'
when we first got there I was okay till we got close to the door then
my body went buzurk!
I was shaking so hard my fur was falling off!
mommy put me in a cart thingy & wheeled me around
now that was fun but I still did an oops
mommy though didn't get mad, she just cleaned up my tinkle
Crikit was acting like a scaredy cat, a cat hehehe
Sparky was trying to tend to Crikit
and they both tried to jump up on a huge doggie bed!
we had to wait for Santa a long time even though there were only 2 families in
front of us cos the bad camera thingy elfie
whoo couldn't seem to press the button thingy right
it worked when Santa pressed it so why not elfie?
I think daddy wanted to bit her
mom was growing under her breath
Santa was turning red
we were really good doggies but by the time the lady got something right
we were tired
we needed to get outta there and we didn't get mommys good picture for daddys desk
Mommy said we'll try again another time... maybe

just for your know, I was looking at the kitties
Since Sparky is calm when by Crikit, I should have let him sit by her and he would have looked better but...

Santa 'Glen' was a good sport

good thing cos he was gonna be there till 4: PM with the elfie who doesn't know how to press the button thingy! So many good poses wasted, you'll just have to take my word for it.

Bow Wow 4 Now Friendzees... Ginger out!


Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey pals, you'd think that Santa would get good elves to help him, wouldn't you! I think you look pawsome in the photos anyway! J x

Sophie Brador said...

Hey pups! Looks like fun. Can you imagine the mayhem when someone shows up with four dogs? ha ha ha ha aha!


Lacy said...

woofies Ginger, Crikit and Sparky!!! heehee me wooda luved being dar when u wuz takin gaveded my mama a hard time takin picturs too...u wooda been proud of me....

b safe,

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh wow what wondrous pictures! You all and the big guy in the red suit and white beard!

Thank you so much for your E card received fine this morning! That was an amazing photo too!

My blog seems to be ok now, we can see all the pics etc, let me know if you still having probs!

love and Christmas Licks, Marvin xxxxx

Sharon said...

Hi! It's me, Rusty. I have to use my mom's blogger place to talk to you, but my blog is at wordpress.
You all look very festive! But I'm glad all my mom did was make me get my pic with that Santa guy. I don't know about wearing a hat or antlers. OH.... I gotta go, she's coming and I don't want her to see this! I'll be in antlers before you know it!