Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Friendzees!

Our computee is kinda working so we're busy trying to get our cards out!

Lots of Love Licks

peeeeS ~ we know we know this is last year's pic but the computee won't downloads the ones we posed fur.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back ON line! Yeah!

finally got connection today!
furst mommy juggled bills after she got sick
she juggled and dropped the Internet ball ~ oops
then when she got it paid the nightmare began all over again
our computee still sick ~
worked, didn't work, modem on, moden off & off & off
we had phone static & Internet peoples out for line checks, signal checks
but no luck no connection
so mommy juggled again and we got a new moden last night
but still had connectivity problems lots of tech calls
and service for about 20 minutes then out again
though we still have computee problems
today the techs got us connected!!!!!
~ yeah ~
just in time too we got our furst card!
Thank You Simba!
We've missed you all ooodles hope everyone is well
pee ess: daddy has to travel which means mommy don't sleep
so were gonna visit everyone!
Love Licks ~ Crikit, Sparky & Ginger

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Living with a SPY

proofs in the pictures right?!

look just look at this!
see this alien thingy we have to share our room with now!
It's extra freeky at night!

Crikit & I especially are not happy with the new conditions

but you know what ~ it's Crikit's fault not that I'm pointing my paw or anything but she knows ... she did a 'bad' thingy which, got us restricted from our loungey beds upstairs and we've been sent back to the kitchen. It shocked us all totally shocked us all. When mommy woke up and saw what Crikit did her voice probably would have broke the windows if they hadn't been open already. Oh us furs were so embarrassed cos we know if anyone was awake in probably a 2-block area they heard us getting in trouble but we were so scared of mommy we ran outside anyways and ran to the further-est part of our yard as we could get. It was daddy's morning to sleep in and that didn't happen so daddy was on the major edge too ...

and now that alien invades our privacy!

now mommy SPY sees through the walls all the way from her bed upstairs.

see my Sparky paws?

oh and that's Ginger on the middle pillow

that's me ~ I moved to the #1 bed closest to the family room cos Crikit moved her big butt to the best spot on the floor under the fan

Ginger likes to eat at night and now with the SPY watching I can't eat her food any more

unlike Ginger I have found it displeasing to have to live with a SPY!

it even transmits color during the day

see the sun starting to rise?

That's Crikit at the far bed by the door

No way was I giving up bed #1 after all she got us kick back to the kitchen

gosh now mornings are bright
sure hope mommy furgives us and lets us back upstairs to our loungey beds
paws crossed mommy gives up her new SPY career
Love Licks ! Sparky out

Monday, October 6, 2008

Daddy's a hog!

sheesh we wanted to do bloggie maintenance this weekend but
daddy hogged the computee box connection!
Oh and mommy's a spy!
pictures to prove coming soon.

Lots of Love Licks ~ Crikit

Thursday, October 2, 2008

closing notice

Dear Friendzees: Temporarily closing our bloggie fur the weekend. We're crossing our paws that if we reload our linkies they will work again. We don't want ya'lls blogrolls to keep updating every time we do something BUT even if we don't finish we'll be back Monday. Oh and we hope to catch up on ya'lls adventures too! Have great weekends k?!

We love yous ~ xoxo

Smartie Furs!

ha ha ha ~
so what gave me away?

I know I know ...

Yes friendzees Your right! It's me Sparky aka Spartacus enjoying the coveted spot in daddy's truck.

Thank you Asta Darling fur the lovely compliment and Miss Model Lorenza your right, I'd have to dye my hair to be in disguise ~ see I can't get away with anything around here, my handsome coloring gives me away every time!
SO who wants to go fur a ride?
WOO HOO Sparky out ~

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Choose ~

to have a happee day!
& we waggin' TX tails also ...
choose to bark loud today ~ WOO HOO!
It's a good thing too cus mommy who always checks to see what we are barking at saw early this morning that 2 of our little back neighbor doggie friendzees escaped and were on the run! Must have been looking fur their daddy who took only their big brother fur a walkie (and didn't close the gate right)~ so unfair right?! anyway ...
No worries ~ mommy got them back home.
See ~ Happee Day!
and look what our dear friendzees
Hershey & Kaci gave us! we love you and your bloggie too! Thank you xoxo
yup choosing Happee Day!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thanks You's

Princess Isis Thank You!
You put a smile on mommy's face and our tails have been a waggin'.
We are so not deserving of this award but we will proudly accept and display!

Award defined: The Premium Dardos recognizes the values that each blogger shows each day in commitment to transmit cultural values, ethical, literary, personal etc. that, in short, demonstrate their creativity by alive thinking that remains intact from their letters and words. This label comes with two rules: 1st link the blog to which he received the award ~ that's easy Princess IsIs & 2nd pick blogs to deliver the prize ~ that's hard YOU all deserve this!

Special Note: We want to thank all our friendzees fur visiting us while we were out. It was so exciting and meant so much to see and read all your visits. We are so sorry to have missed supporting and saying goodbye to so many of our dear friendzees. It has been an emotional return full of laughs and heartaches. Some of our friendzees blogs have disappeared too and that makes us very sad. Plus, we would like to ask furgiveness that we missed tags and recognitions. Each and every one of you and your familees are dear to us; it is so true and we do not express that enough.

Me Crikit for those who have inquired ~ my injury well, I did something to my front leg. I'm doing much better now cos mommy & daddy have reduced activity to almost nothing which, has cause me to add to my girlish figure! I blame the young one fur digging mine holes all over the yard. Daddy thinks I missed stepped when charging after my tennis balls OR it could be that all three of us charge down the stairs so fast and swiftly turn that I might have strained something. It's necessary though at times to charge down the stairs so we can chase any and all living things away from our yard, especially those noisy garbage trucks! Pawrents thought it might be my joint or sprang muscle cos I started having trouble with getting up and stairs. The limp gave me away but throw my tennis ball and I seemed fine till I go back to walking. I think I am 99% better but know this, I never flinched when touched and I never whined and the up side was it got me lots of messages :)

Now I know what your thinking ~ why didn't our pawrents take me see the doctor? Well don't think bad of them k? same reason we still don't have Mr. Computee Box fixed ~ the mail person keeps bringing us these paper things that open daddy's wallet and takes the money! Can you believe that?! Lots is already going to a doctor and lots is going to some lab! ~ if I find that doggie I'm gonna have a major discussion. In the meantime, if any of you friendzees have an extra prayer you could send up fur us, we sure would apawreciate one from time to time fur our mommy cos prayers work. Why you ask? Well, Mr. Sun must have gotten offended that mommy never really liked him all her life. She never wanted to be his Sun Goddess avoiding him every chance she got, so we think he got mad and he gave her cancer, just like our Angel friendzee Gizmo; Squamous Cell Carcinoma (daddy says its cos she has translucent skin mommy calls it glow in the dark skin.) Anyways, now mommy rarely steps outside with us during the day and no longer lets us lay out in the sun fur very long but one thing fur sure, we now have lots of fun at night. It just doesn't seem right but we're taking good care of her with lots of love licks plus snuggles and we try never to leave her side cos she still recovering.
Anyways dear friendzees, we thank you again fur visiting while we were away. We are so happy we can socialize again cos we don't like missing our friendzees. It was a long few months and we hope it never happens again ~ paws crossed! Sending lots of love licks your way and thanks fur being our friendzees.
xoxo Crikit out! Y

Friday, September 26, 2008

Goodbye Solinski

Our hearts are breaking right now.
Our dear Beautiful Beta sister is now in God's pond.

We never introduced Solinski our Beautiful Beta on this bloggie only mommy's. Her nickname was Beautiful Girlie. She was an extra smart Beta. Every morning mommy would wave to Solinski to see if she was awake and if she was then Solinski would swim to the bowl by mommy's hand and wave back. Mommy would talk to her and Solinski would swim to the the part of the bowl where mom was and blow kisses. Not the blowed up fighting face just the beautiful rainbow blue face showing off her beautiful fins swaying gracefully in the water. This communication happened often throughout the day. Mommy only let us look from afar. Mommy even waited till she saw Beautiful Baby eat during her dinner before leaving her to enjoy her habitat. However...
Around 8:00 PM mommy realized Solinski was not doing well. She was making us a treat and stopped everything. We heard mommy tell daddy she thought Solinski's was dying and she was crying. Then she said she thought she witnessed Solinski's last breath... she tried to change the inevitable by transferring fresh water to stimulate her baby and was gently nudging her lungs but Solinski must have wanted to be an Angel. This picture doesn't show the true beauty of our Solinski's colorings, blue~ish rainbow. We have never seen a lovelier beta.
We are so sad ~ Your in our hearts forever Solinski ~ We love you ~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Missed everyone of ya'lls

Sheesh things have changed around blogger. We're gonna have to sniff around and see what's up. We even had to look up our password!

Speaking of what's up, all of you friendzees are so welcome to catch us up on all the happenings ~ it's gonna take us a while to visit and read all ya'lls updates all the way back to July! ~ Hope everyone is healthy & happy.

Me Crikit, I have been nursing an injury and well, we all have been taking care of mommy. She got unhappy health news but like good pups were gonna shower her with lots of love.

Thank You Greg and Rocky's mommy and everyone who sent us e-mail to help us with our computee problem. It's still not fixed but Charlie & Opy's smart daddy gave us some great instructions so daddy promised he would get to it. We were given Gramies (oops she never liked us callin her that) we mean Angel Nana's former computee box; it has limitations but we can now get on the Internet to visit ya'll.

Lots of Love Licks ~ to you ALL ... must get to visiting xoxo

Friday, July 4, 2008

Calling all brain power ~ Help

C, S, & G mom here... we need computer savvy friends to help us figure out our problem if possible. I had to come to the library to do this because:

1. we cannot get Google, Gmail or blogger to open and sometimes not even netzero
2. we cannot see most of the blogs not even ours even when just surfing the net
3. we changed from TimeWarner to AT&T/SBCGlobal and yes it is faster but we get errors on almost all pages we attemp to view or cannot find server or done and there is no page
4. we have lowered our Internet properties as low as we can go and still try to stay safe
5. before we left TimeWarner we had to lower the firewall to open up some of the blogs and then turn it back on but that firewall came with TW so we don't have that option now
6. We ran a free Norton Anti-virus during all the frustrating time which, resulted in files that read Trojan and a couple of small alert virus' so we renewed our Norton Anti-virus account to the most updated for our software
7. We finally got connected to AT&T/SBCGlobal network and for a couple of days everything seemed fine but then suddenly without any provocation on our part, we have been having boot-up problems where the first boot locks up or it takes over 10-minutes to get it rebooted and when we are on the net we get locked out of most everything even Disney and BeBratz which, doesn't make sense.
8. our system check mentions about a fat32 inconsistency which, was listed on the small alert virus that makes us think it may still be contributing to our issues
9. The screen flashes when booting up made us think someone was piggy backing on our system but we don't know how to really know.
10. AT&T tech says they cannot help because it shows we got our Internet connection
11. oh and when we sign in to Google or blogger it acts like everything is fine and then it sends us in loops - 'you are about to .. secure site' we say OK then 'others may see...' then we say OK, then the same messages loop and loop and loop and the site never completely loads.

Does anyone have any helpful advice? We cannot take the computer in for another month for service due to finances and we sure are missing all of you.
Thank you in advance for any advice.
Our hotmail account seems to work fine

Chef! sorry we haven't been able to update on the goodies from Koobie.
Koobie awesome! Just awesome. We have pics if we get this site to like us again.
AireChicks hope you enjoyed your goodies
Friends we miss you
and will visit as soon as we get this *#$?! computer to work right.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mean dog news

Our plan is to catch up on all ya'lls adventures but we must share this info we received ...
One of the 2 dogs that attacked mommy & our little Ginger at 9-months old in Oct. 2006 while on an evening walk was recently made to leave the community. It was so terrible that Gingi got attacked because the attack altered her personality ~ plus mommy was hesitant to help loose doggies fur awhile too. Well, the meanest of the 2 attacked another human and was sent to live with family far far away ~ yeah! We think California but the other dog still lives near and is required to have a vicious dog sign posted outside the home. It was said that they were hybrid German Shepperd's; we thought they looked like extra tall wolves ~ they were very purdy but scary. The owners would never speak with our pawrents so we really don't know except what the city paperwork says. It's a relief. OK we must get back to visiting ya'll till we get caught up!
Love Licks ~ Crikit & Sparky reporting Y

We missed ya'll and ...

it has been horrible not getting to visit with all you friendzees. Mommy wouldn't even let us go to the library computee either but we know she did... not fair but I guess that's what we get for being ruff hehe get it? nobody should be in our yard so we still think we were right to bark loud at the Internet dude.
We got locked inside when the new Internet person came. It was a girl this time. dawg it took furever for mommy to finally let us outside. We pooped in all the areas he oops she went so he oops she would step in it if she came back. Mommy wasn't happy with that cos she likes us pooping in the the same 3 sections of the yard that we normally do; she calls them our poop-stations but furget that we did lots of piles right under the wire box :)
Well, now that we have a connection we're gonna be trotting around all week to catch-up on all ya'lls adventures. Ours can wait.

Love ya'll ~ C, S, & G Y

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just a note...

friendzees' we haven't been around cos it's crazy around here with grammie visiting and then leaving with daddy for a long time ~ sheesh daddy is still gone and we miss him bad.
We've done such a good job at guarding mommy that we scared the Internet man away but mommy said we gotta be nice when he comes back by so we can finally (now that the old contract is finished) get our service changed. Hope it works better so we can visit all ya'll more and so the pages will load faster. We're gonna miss all you friendzees while we're cut off.
Be good Be safe Be well ~ Love Licks & waggin TX tails Barking Loud often!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yeah a card ~ Thank you friendzees!

If mommy would jus check our peemail I woulda posted this pawsome card sooner! Thank you Rocky, Bear, Angel LacyLuLu and mommy Claudette ya'll are jus the bestest friendzess ever!

Love Licks, Sparky Y

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Day! WooHoo plus & AWARD!

June 4th is My Day!

I was blessed to get my furever home 3 years ago.

I also fell in love at furst sight with Crikit and was so excited that she was my Black Beauty! I will share pictures soon of our love story but fur now I will leave my link to MY STORY. Oh and I will tell you all about MY celebration real soon, k?!

Yeah! Look! Our handsome friend Chef tossed this our way! This is really special from an award winning Boxer in and out of the ring. Mommy let us even lick the screen but we got a zizzle on our tongues and none of us liked it but we looove this award. Thanks Chef!

So Friendzees! We sorry we haven't been around to visit ya'll and we feel real bad. It's kinda crazy around here with my special day and cos it's jus crazy around here ~ sumtin to do with daddy, grammie, Arkansas oh and planes, trains & automobiles hehe maybe not trains but that sounded familiar :) so mommy promised when it calms down we can visit till our hearts delight.

Love Licks, Sparky Y

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crikit Week: must end fur now

remember my 1st pic ever @ 8-wks?

then @ 4-months?
Well... here I am now @ 4-years!
Daddy can't really hold me cos I wiggle plus, I weigh around 60 something pounds :)

fur those who asked ~

yes, I saved my
crabbie baby

got that bug good!

I purfur to lounge in my pool as often as my pawents let me. This was my 1st barkday

They even gave me my 1st outdoor bath in it cos I really loved being in my pool

plus they were getting me ready fur my 1st Luau and I tolerated the outfit my pawents wanted me to wear

one fact about me is that I love to savor my chews

and I love my treats! Plus my pawents let me lick every last crumb out of the box every time

and most of ya'll know I now live fur my tennis balls and love pink so you know I love my pink pool but I am still waiting fur my pink tennis ball to show up... but that seems to be taking a long time

Oh and when the weather is nice, I like to sit on the side deck cos it allows me to look over the fence and guard my front yard too.

This was me during my front yard guard duty this Memorial Day ...

Now, I want to thank you all fur visiting me during my week. I apaweciate your friendship. I loved this attention so much I hope to have another me-week one day but I must share with my famileee so on that note ~ celebrate life!

Love Licks,
Crikit Y
some facts: my daddy is a Border Collie, my mommy is part German Sheppard part Wolfe and we were told I look like my grandmother; we hope to get a picture of her someday but I'll share my pawents picture as soon as mommy scans it ~ love ya xoxo

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Crikit Week: more of ME!

Starting with the ugly coat!
Mom's excuse: it was the only semi-large coat reasonably priced at the store.
Well I said shop around then cos this one made me look like a BOY! ugh!

Thank goodness I didn't need the ugly thing in the house ~ it was already too warm fur me

My 1st trip to a trail park

It was the neatest place!

Seemed like we walked furever and it still wasn't enough fur me ~ I loved it!

then... a couple of days later I discovered paper towel rolls!
I totally believed they needed to be demolished immediately hehehe I still do!
furst 2-pics I was 6-months & the rest I was 7-months
Well friendzees, mommy said I get one more day fur all-about-me ~ bummer I was really diggin this anyways, thanks fur visiting come back again k?!
Love Licks, Crikit Y

Friday, May 23, 2008

Crikit Week: how I got my name


now ~ turn your head sideways cos mommy did a booboo

then here is my 1st tasty orange stick!

1st ~GIANT~ bug

I'd ever seen and it was attacking my Crabbie Baby!

Yup! I was spoiled uh I mean loved...

In the booboo video I was 4-months & 6-months in the others.

Thanks fur visiting again XO

Love Licks, Crikit Y

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crikit Week: already a good helper

@ 4-months,
I lent my paws to help my pawrents whenever needed

I was getting bigger compared to my 1st picture in daddy's arms, remember that one?!

I didn't really care fur golf balls but I guarded daddy's when he needed me to

I was getting tall too.

Daddy would yelp sometimes when I jumped up to stand by him wonder why... weird huh?!

I loved helping in the wood pile

I would find all kinds of interesting things

I tell daddy which one I wanted and he would fetch it ~ uhem who's got who trained? :)

Always ready to pawtect when needed

It sometimes was tiring but...

I so loved my job and still do

Thanks fur visiting ~ Love Licks, Crikit Y