Monday, June 23, 2008

Mean dog news

Our plan is to catch up on all ya'lls adventures but we must share this info we received ...
One of the 2 dogs that attacked mommy & our little Ginger at 9-months old in Oct. 2006 while on an evening walk was recently made to leave the community. It was so terrible that Gingi got attacked because the attack altered her personality ~ plus mommy was hesitant to help loose doggies fur awhile too. Well, the meanest of the 2 attacked another human and was sent to live with family far far away ~ yeah! We think California but the other dog still lives near and is required to have a vicious dog sign posted outside the home. It was said that they were hybrid German Shepperd's; we thought they looked like extra tall wolves ~ they were very purdy but scary. The owners would never speak with our pawrents so we really don't know except what the city paperwork says. It's a relief. OK we must get back to visiting ya'll till we get caught up!
Love Licks ~ Crikit & Sparky reporting Y

We missed ya'll and ...

it has been horrible not getting to visit with all you friendzees. Mommy wouldn't even let us go to the library computee either but we know she did... not fair but I guess that's what we get for being ruff hehe get it? nobody should be in our yard so we still think we were right to bark loud at the Internet dude.
We got locked inside when the new Internet person came. It was a girl this time. dawg it took furever for mommy to finally let us outside. We pooped in all the areas he oops she went so he oops she would step in it if she came back. Mommy wasn't happy with that cos she likes us pooping in the the same 3 sections of the yard that we normally do; she calls them our poop-stations but furget that we did lots of piles right under the wire box :)
Well, now that we have a connection we're gonna be trotting around all week to catch-up on all ya'lls adventures. Ours can wait.

Love ya'll ~ C, S, & G Y

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just a note...

friendzees' we haven't been around cos it's crazy around here with grammie visiting and then leaving with daddy for a long time ~ sheesh daddy is still gone and we miss him bad.
We've done such a good job at guarding mommy that we scared the Internet man away but mommy said we gotta be nice when he comes back by so we can finally (now that the old contract is finished) get our service changed. Hope it works better so we can visit all ya'll more and so the pages will load faster. We're gonna miss all you friendzees while we're cut off.
Be good Be safe Be well ~ Love Licks & waggin TX tails Barking Loud often!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yeah a card ~ Thank you friendzees!

If mommy would jus check our peemail I woulda posted this pawsome card sooner! Thank you Rocky, Bear, Angel LacyLuLu and mommy Claudette ya'll are jus the bestest friendzess ever!

Love Licks, Sparky Y

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Day! WooHoo plus & AWARD!

June 4th is My Day!

I was blessed to get my furever home 3 years ago.

I also fell in love at furst sight with Crikit and was so excited that she was my Black Beauty! I will share pictures soon of our love story but fur now I will leave my link to MY STORY. Oh and I will tell you all about MY celebration real soon, k?!

Yeah! Look! Our handsome friend Chef tossed this our way! This is really special from an award winning Boxer in and out of the ring. Mommy let us even lick the screen but we got a zizzle on our tongues and none of us liked it but we looove this award. Thanks Chef!

So Friendzees! We sorry we haven't been around to visit ya'll and we feel real bad. It's kinda crazy around here with my special day and cos it's jus crazy around here ~ sumtin to do with daddy, grammie, Arkansas oh and planes, trains & automobiles hehe maybe not trains but that sounded familiar :) so mommy promised when it calms down we can visit till our hearts delight.

Love Licks, Sparky Y