Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Living with a SPY

proofs in the pictures right?!

look just look at this!
see this alien thingy we have to share our room with now!
It's extra freeky at night!

Crikit & I especially are not happy with the new conditions

but you know what ~ it's Crikit's fault not that I'm pointing my paw or anything but she knows ... she did a 'bad' thingy which, got us restricted from our loungey beds upstairs and we've been sent back to the kitchen. It shocked us all totally shocked us all. When mommy woke up and saw what Crikit did her voice probably would have broke the windows if they hadn't been open already. Oh us furs were so embarrassed cos we know if anyone was awake in probably a 2-block area they heard us getting in trouble but we were so scared of mommy we ran outside anyways and ran to the further-est part of our yard as we could get. It was daddy's morning to sleep in and that didn't happen so daddy was on the major edge too ...

and now that alien invades our privacy!

now mommy SPY sees through the walls all the way from her bed upstairs.

see my Sparky paws?

oh and that's Ginger on the middle pillow

that's me ~ I moved to the #1 bed closest to the family room cos Crikit moved her big butt to the best spot on the floor under the fan

Ginger likes to eat at night and now with the SPY watching I can't eat her food any more

unlike Ginger I have found it displeasing to have to live with a SPY!

it even transmits color during the day

see the sun starting to rise?

That's Crikit at the far bed by the door

No way was I giving up bed #1 after all she got us kick back to the kitchen

gosh now mornings are bright
sure hope mommy furgives us and lets us back upstairs to our loungey beds
paws crossed mommy gives up her new SPY career
Love Licks ! Sparky out

Monday, October 6, 2008

Daddy's a hog!

sheesh we wanted to do bloggie maintenance this weekend but
daddy hogged the computee box connection!
Oh and mommy's a spy!
pictures to prove coming soon.

Lots of Love Licks ~ Crikit

Thursday, October 2, 2008

closing notice

Dear Friendzees: Temporarily closing our bloggie fur the weekend. We're crossing our paws that if we reload our linkies they will work again. We don't want ya'lls blogrolls to keep updating every time we do something BUT even if we don't finish we'll be back Monday. Oh and we hope to catch up on ya'lls adventures too! Have great weekends k?!

We love yous ~ xoxo

Smartie Furs!

ha ha ha ~
so what gave me away?

I know I know ...

Yes friendzees Your right! It's me Sparky aka Spartacus enjoying the coveted spot in daddy's truck.

Thank you Asta Darling fur the lovely compliment and Miss Model Lorenza your right, I'd have to dye my hair to be in disguise ~ see I can't get away with anything around here, my handsome coloring gives me away every time!
SO who wants to go fur a ride?
WOO HOO Sparky out ~

Wednesday, October 1, 2008