Thursday, January 29, 2009

prayer request for crazy mommy

Our famileee believes in prayer so we ask humbly
if any of our friendzees have a moment to say a little prayer tomorrow at the equivalent time during the 10 AM hour US Central for our mommy we would so apawreciate it
Our prayer request:
the pain of the procedure mommy has to have again is bearable & minimal

With the computee box not cooperating and no extra money to take it to the shop we don't get to sniff around our friendzees bloggies much and mommy's spirits are low too and have been for months. After the 1st very painful skin cancer procedure followed by the monthly fire shots into the sternum and then the eye skin cancer scare and eye surgery procedure right after Christmas and the hurts she got from falling and bumping things when the eye patch was on well you guessed it yup she's kinda temperamental!

If me Sparky can vent fur just a moment ~

Last night it was a very coooold night and mommy locked me Sparky outside! She did! okay I now know it was accidental anyways let me tell yous ~ She got mad and raised her voice cos Ginger was out barking crazy like almost howling for no reason and when mommy yelled at her and made her come in mommy then closed the door! which means our doggie door is closed too! she didn't even take a head count and I got stuck in the cold for like 20 minutes! Thank goodness she realized before I became a popsicle and when I got in she gave me and only me a porterhouse treat and lots of rubbing to warm me up so I was good but still ...

I thought at first it was because two days ago when mommy went to the grocery store she left our doggie door open and when she got home well like always we were excited and came running threw our door leaping and prancing around and around to only be greeted by psycho mommy screaming at me and Crikit (oh but not as bad as when Crikit got our privileges revoked from sleeping upstairs on our loungey beds) Anyways, screamy mommy got crazier and crazier cos me and Crikit would not come to her when she told us to well Crikit did after a slight delay but I didn't ... hello she was yelling the command so why would I wanna go to her and after all our beds are considered our safe zone and we were on our beds! uh well one thing I didn't mention was we were soaking wet ... all but GINGER little princess huh! she stayed inside when it started raining and was all dry so she was confused at the yelling but then SHE got to go out front with her raincoat while mommy unloaded the goodies (wish you could hear my sarcasm) ~ mommy was mad cos she said we knew better and shoulda waited for her to get home and put our raincoats on so she could wipe our paws so we didn't bring in all the muddy water so see I'm sure you can see why I could think she left me outside on purpose. Well we we got lots of makeup hugs and rubs and treats cos she felt bad and now we think it's cos she is edgy cos of the painful procedure coming soon

She's gonna have to have 6 to 8 shots to numb the area that hurt she says are equal to dipping her hand in boiling water 6 to 8 times before the area is ready for the doctor and mommy even said though we are good doggies if we got something like that in our bum we would attack and tear off the Vet's hand cos it would just be too painful so see why we are asking for prayer request? mommy says thank goodness they give her codeine to take home or she would by too edgy for us to live with.

wish we had pictures but the computee box is just mean OH and we just want to mention again Thank You for all the lovely Christmas cards. We shared them with mommy and they cheered her up sorry we could only afford to do e-cards and we almost didn't get to do those cos the computee didn't work till daddy put on Firefox okay be good fur your huumons

Lots of Love Licks
from the Black Beauties & me Sparky!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I feel so big!

Can you believe mommy finally put me on the banner!
We still can't get computee to download my purdy pictures stuck in the camera
I'm just happy to get my turn!

Happy New Year Friendzees
Happy Chinese New Year too!

Love Licks ~ Ginger

PeeeeS: Thank you Princess Snowball fur our Chinese New Year Card, it is beeeutiful xo


If you haven't heard ~ run over to Lovely Mason's House because she has
a way cool CONTEST going on with a pawsome prize!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

no banner ~ just a sad heart

Our dear purdy kitty friendzee left fur God's Garden and we are very sad.
PooPoo's family need our love

Love Licks & prayers ~ from us

PeeeeS ~ the banner can wait but know I apawreciate all your support friendzees ~ Love Ginger

Saturday, January 10, 2009

sheesh still waiting


Love Licks ~ Ginger

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Waiting Patiently

that's what I'm doing

Hi Friendzees it's me Ginger
mommy said I get to be on the banner next fur New Year wishes

but in the meantime I will sit purdy with one of the gifts from Koobus
(remember when we had the goodie exchange last year ~ way fun)

This is my Baby Doll and I take good care of her
Oh and mommy said I can blog about our gifts from Rudolf & Goofy soon yeah!

Lots of Love Licks & Playtime

Ginger Out! xoxo

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My turn!

Hi Friendzees me Sparky!
It's my turn to be on the banner to wish ya'll
Happy New Year!

here's some tid bits about the pic
the piece of furniture that has enter our room (the kitchen) was given to us by our step grammie who says her grammie gave it to her and it came all the way from Philippines!
Mommy plans to enhance it's looks but notice ...
there is a gnawing on the drawer and the door knob disappeared
guess who?! GINGER! and yup she got a spankin' when it happened

any how friendzeez
I think I've convinced Crikit to tell ya'll what happen and why the Spy now lives with us.
sheesh living with these girls can be trying

Love Licks & Lots of Treats
Sparky out!

peeeeSS ~ Happy Barkday Zen hope you get all you wish fur xo

Saturday, January 3, 2009

80% better!

yes the computee box is getting better!
Daddy changed us from explorer to Firefox and some of the problems went away!!!

we missed all our friendzees so much
life was a drag can you tell...
me Crikit incase ya'll furgot

me Sparky aka Spartacus

me Ginger aka Gingi

left to right cos it's been a long time
Ginger, Sparky & Crikit ~ oh and daddy's knee
we finally got daddy to do something so we could get back to visiting
apawrently we have some kind of adware or malware that is locking things up.
our computee won't recognize our flash drives or camera downloads any more. anyone have any ideas? bark them to us K?!

Thank You's are in order ~

all the beautiful cards made us really happy
we couldn't get the list to open so we couldn't do ours
but ya'lls card brought us lots of tail wags
they were just the pawsomess and still hanging too

plus a
BIG Bark Out to our friendzees Rudolf & Goofy!!!

We love our Christmas pressies especially the meat!
we hope to put the pictures up soon
ya'll are the bestest of friends thank you thank you

oh and one last thing ...
we loves you all
love licks & more licks friendzees