Friday, July 27, 2007

Duh Commercials

I can't stand any of the versions of the Duh / car commercials.

This is how I see it... if you are in a conversation and you make a statement and the person you are talking with responds with 'dug' that usually translates to:

goes with out saying (stupid, dimwit, idiot, dummy, etc.)

So are these commercial implying we are inept if we don't buy one of those cars?

Question: Feeling insulted?
Response: duh
Commercial Critic out...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Caveman Sitcom OH Please NO

I normally write my views on commercials but I have to vent on this...

It's bad enough we have to see the insurance commercials with these ugly creatures but to take up a prime time spot for these hideous things? UGH!

Who is wasting their money on producing such an atrocity? up chuck!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Travelers Insurance

Their commercials are so intricate why is it I don't see that "it" connection that would make me look up and call Travelers for my insurance needs.

I will give them props though for the little foreign man who says in his language 'he can't swim' and then you see the guy trying to fly with his big angel wing go plop and blup into the middle of the river... now that brings a chuckle

Commercial Critic out...

Nissan Ultima

The only interesting thing about this commercial is the tennis shoe
otherwise I think it was a flop
Actually the rest looked like an interns first attempt
The idea to go for the simplistic
just doesn't get it done
Hello any graphics 101 student could pull this one off
How much did Nissan pay?
CC out...

Prudential Insurance

Prudential's Rock Solid commercial captures the attention with the compilation of life's events and rock analogies but...
At the very end, they didn't do the commercial justice
... Let P be the rock ... for your retirement

Should have been 'your retirement ROCK'

So for one, the last thing you think about is solid strength and two, it continues the theme of the analogies throughout

Commercial Critc out...

Miller Light - Not

Geeky commercial; actually it was down right stupid.

My first thought was how unrealistic and what demographic attention did ML attempt to reach. All you have to get the preferred message across is a few expensive seconds which, in this case were wasted. I only come up with kids who would be awed by the monster character made of people. Is that really who we want remembering the product Miller Light? And do they really think adults would be enticed to go out and buy a ML just because they hear 'don't go along with the crowd?' Come on marketing, grow up

CC out...

Michelob Ultra - 007 Serg

Too Cool and Captivating

Michelob featuring Sergio Garcia using his slue techniques to enter the party. The lady in red wow love the hair. I didn't recognise Serg until I saw the commercial the second time around. The hair stole the show but now that I see the distinguished Serg,well...
Commercial Critic out...

Volkswagen Series

Great Slogan
Get into the Volkswagen and it gets into you

The 3 recent commercials are fantastic but:
  1. The couple leaving the wedding could do without the blow fish face from the driver; wrote about the intrigue once before Volkswagen Convertible
  2. The tow truck driver has the classic look, casted well but VW should have showed a bit more emphasis on the shocked owner; I didn't notice him until I saw the commercial for the third or fourth time - excellent choice of music. Did you notice any details? The VW driver is a drummer.
  3. My most favorite though is the valet anxiety attack... The music is sexy, it was clever to pre-empted with the bad valet driver and his dates attempt to comfort him but... I so understand and can relate to the drivers issues... when you love your car ya just can't bare to hand your keys over to anyone! This one is award winning...

JC Penny's

Awesome Creativity
Today's the day to give up the nerve
I like that slogan for the commercial with the little enamoured girl
It's so cute her chasing her love doodle
How about,
The headless population
Doing the slow chase to re-dress their victims in the latest fashion

I find it necessary to give some constructive criticism: unless you pay real real close attention all the way to the absolute end, you will not know the advertising is for JC Penny's
Commercial Critic out...

Cisco - The Human Network

Cisco stare down was a pretty cool angle to take
I have yet to figure out what makes the Caucasian kid blink?
I would have liked that tid bit to have been more clear to the viewer

The human network ' good slogan

CC out...

Northwestern Mutual

This is the one where the dad prepares his little daughter to jump off the dock with the implication it's deep. Gave me a chuckle when it turned out to be shallow.
But all the undertones of love makes this a great commercial!

CC out...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bridgestone or Nothing

Fantastic verbal slogan and the written one is too if you can catch a glimpse of it at the end

Excellent - plays out like a movie, has the intrigue and anticipation in addition to a great ending. Good voice on the narration and good background music.

Other commercials need to take notice!

Commercial Critic Out...


Enough Said
Without Words
ROLEX* knows* how and when to advertise... commercials are stellar
I want one
Commercial Critic out...


I use to look forward to these when they first came out. It always seemed as if they were a Candid Camera moment type of theme but...
The one during the British Open & Wimbledon was focusing on the cat up the tree was pretty good until the cat cam down when the lady opened the can of food. All the people looking up should have walked over to the bench... commercial incomplete
The one during the French Open & US Open about the fairytale story loses attention quick. Every time it came on I knew I could go do something quick and still not miss the next potential interesting commercial. During these sport events are some that deserve to be recognized, usually there mind captivating.
rating: now boring
CC out...

Obsession ? MasterCard ?

I wrote about this commercial during the US Open
Get there Ball
I still get my giggles! Great commercial, love the music!

During the British Open I paid closer attention to details
Too Funny

It's all about MasterCard ...

large bucket $10
another large bucket $10
husband: why are you hitting the cart guy
practice practice practice
woman: get there
CC out...

Crowne Plaza - British Open

During the British Open I saw a couple of versions of this commercial
Really, the company could have came up with a better angle to get their message across, which is ......the best place to have meetings

I didn't really like all of the individuals selected for the meeting... unrealistic
Some of the dialogue was okay such as:
superstitious of yellow tee's...
talk to the right out of the box because once they are in the bag...
I putt better with pleated pants...

As an event planner, that would not make me book there... sorry

CC Out...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gerber Organic

Organic Gerber or is it Gerber Organic?
can't remember but...
The music grabs your attention and I like it!
Baby belly compilation? Well...
If I'm honest, there are a few I'd rather not see but
I'm sure, new moms especially are tickled
rating: * good music
Commercial Critic Out...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Grab Life - Dodge

I sooooo love this commercial
the music
the compilation of life
absolutely everything!
Grab Life
what a good message period
Well Dodge...
I love ya, I've owned one for 12 + years
rating: * awesome
Commercial Critic out...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Psst... storm

Okay so the weekend was busy!

did the lawn front, back and edge

worked under the deck

redid the workout room

stormed 4 times Sunday night, over 2 inches

tornado touched down ne side of town

had to stop working under the deck because of the rain

Saturday rain about 1/4 inch

tired, tired, tired

talked to dad Sunday?

oh and visited dad on the Saturday before, the 7th?

moved the glories, they didn't survive

taped fence design didn't make it

plucked the glory seeds

very tiresome weekend


So Monday minimal yard work and sore all over

ftr spoke to Ann, dentist office

Hubby Power

Blood Donation!
The Hubby Had The Power!
It's rare for The Blood Bank to turn the hubby down
yesterday he only donated the normal pint
because of the summer program event
which is
if you donate twice during the summer
you receive a $25 gift certificate
a nice incentive
Usually hubby gives 2 portions of red blood cells
on that program you can only give 3 times a year
your treated like royalty
you get to watch a movie of your choice during the session
you get all back but the red blood cells
you save lives!
You have the power
Save a life today

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Psst... blue

'Blue Day Dedication'
one moment at a time
then a minute
an hour
a day
in time
the good memories will replace the heartache
I do know
one does smile again
in time
didn't accomplish much today
with great doggies that bring me such joy
with all the love in the house
am blue
in time
This too shall pass
know this
in time

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Psst... blessings all around

So yesterday was an unplanned rest day. But I have learned recently to cater to what the body needs instead of trying to push on. I did not even get out of my lounge clothes. The hubby knew I didn’t feel good when he arrived home 'cos the only time I haven't changed out of my lounge clothes was during recovery. Anyhow, I am now dealing with the frustration of not accomplishing much but I feel better today...
My man on the other hand was showered with blessings and I love knowing it.
So, I hope I have loads to update later: after the day completely unfolds. One thing I know for sure, I get such joy and love daily from the kids (doggies) and my wonderful hubby, so if nothing else, I can look at that as an accomplishment in itself… hmmm can I say blessing?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Psst... 11:12


a sad moment in time for me

whenever I see this on the clock

I remember... thousands of memories

Psst... 11:11

So am I really one of the few who know of this?
I have no idea where I heard it but I like it and choose to believe it
Whenever you happen to glance at the clock and see *11:11*
some one is thinking of you
isn't that nice

Monday, July 9, 2007

Psst... wonderful

Spent a be wonderful day with a wonderful family member
Had a wonderful lunch and a wonderful long visit
But every day always tend to have challenges... So I woke early as usual to get the hubby off and thought the kids would have slept through the night since we had a long Sunday but nooooooo. My baby Ginger decided to chew her big bottle of bubbles that still had some liquid in it and shredded the box collecting the stuffing which she spread out. She has found it so fun to pull the stuffing out of all their beds even though she loves extra fluffy pillows to sleep on. I gave them chews before we went to bed plus full bowls of food and H20 and some small boxes to tear up in case they couldn't sleep. Well the little one chewed even her new boomerang. dawg... I mean dang... so I had to scold her which, I don't like to do.
Okay so I had a lunch date at 11:30 AM and was ready by 10 but I don't know what happen that I ended up running late! Then the gas light came on when I really needed the AC. Got behind the slowest driver... ugh. I realized my inspection was past due and felt nerves because I was heading to a heavily police populated area. I had a wonderful lunch at a tea room but I found myself disliking one of the waitresses. Then I/we headed to the house for desert... yummmmmmmmmmmy. After a long long long chat and a lot of restroom breaks I bid my farewell. It was a very soul soothing visit and received a some wonderful gifts and some goodies to take home. Our visit was probably eight hours! My goodness, what a wonderful day.
But how funny when I arrived home; the dogs were anxious for me to make it to the kitchen 'cos it's rare they are home alone for so long... (it is so nice to be missed) and the hubby was so funny when I asked him if he ate some dinner and he said he couldn't find it! He also said he told himself I'll just wait she'll be home soon and then an hour passed and he said I know she'll be home any minute now and then another hour passed and he said to himself I hope she's home before I go to bed... I just love him so much! It's just so nice to be missed. Anyhow, he saw I was holding the plate of goodies and he grabbed them and felt the need to eat one before giving me a hello kiss. Then he went to his chair and commented that this was going to be a great dinner what was I going to eat. Yup, it was a wonderful day

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Psst... only drops

Nothing measurable as far as rain only spit...
What is up with us? We both were dragging after a rough nights sleep. We both must have been thinking of the water softener leak. Not too long ago we had a horrible group of days when we discovered our relatively new water heater had been leaking in the garage for a long time. It is a story to tell and maybe sometime I may do just that, If so I will link it... totally laughable now but a nightmare then!
Anyhow, it took a toll on us, so when we found more wet boxes and a stream on the floor it was a flash back to the difficult emotions from the previous water leak. Again it happened over a weekend and then, there are the warranty issues and the agents you deal with etc. In addition to ending the night vacuuming water out of the garage, we lost all the money we spent on lottery tickets. We got only one number on each ticket. To think someone somewhere in Texas won all $126 million and boo hoo it was not us just for the record... next time I guess
So back to our non-energy day where we accomplished so much!
  1. Watched some Wimbledon
  2. Went for breakfast tacos
  3. Went to the nursery
  4. Watched the Men's Wimbledon finals
  5. Mowed the entire front yard
  6. Trimmed back a tree, some bushes and vines
  7. Moved several plants to the back
  8. Created the rain harvest section
  9. Mowed almost all the back
  10. Planted a tree
  11. Went to W's
  12. Went for more dirt
  13. Finished the tree planting
  14. Transplanted a couple of glories
  15. Watered all the moved landscape items
  16. Picked up the yard (dog toys)
  17. Relaxed a bit
  18. Cut the hubby's hair
  19. and sometime in between did a load of laundry!

Saturday, July 7, 2007


if you research all the 'types' of calendars in history
this is the 1st time that 07-07-07 has ever fallen on
The 'true' Sabbath
For the last 24 hours I have been wondering if this would be the day Jesus & his army of Angels would be coming to take all the believers home
Revelations speaks of the significance of seven
oh and with the rumblings in the sky
we can only wonder and wait...
John 3:16

Friday, July 6, 2007

Good Girl Ginger...

I love hearing mom say that to me! She does all the time.

Sparky's BARK

I got a grip and I still can’t figure out what to do… Thank goodness mom is usually home and when I go in to get her she comes out and stops Crikit. Crikit is going through something. She has moments where she is scary. For instance: loud noise like the garbage truck, recycle truck, moving trucks, delivery trucks and some diesel trucks makes her crazy. We use to all run the fence back and forth together and bark at them until we made them leave. It was fun. Whenever we heard them coming we would race to the fence… it was fun but it’s not fun anymore ‘cos she wants to run by herself and lately she won’t let Ginger and me run by snapping at us when we run too close to her. She sometimes turns and chases which ever one of us is closest to her, Ginger or me, until she gets to nip one of us.

We stand back now or run at a distance but she still wants to go after one of us afterwards and she won't stop until she snaps at one of us. I got smart and I now stay on the deck and go in and get mom. I wait on the deck and mom comes out and scolds Crikit. It’s starting to get back to normal but I think the hot sun makes her temper rise. She snaps at me sometimes when I get to close to her and all I am doing is trying to calm her or kiss her, she usually likes when I kiss her… but she better watch it ‘cos I get irritated too and I can snap back… even if I am the mellow one of the bunch!
Okay I feel better now that I got to bark!
Bow wow for now, Sparky out...

Have an A7 Day / The Milky Way

"Ode to A7"
I'm having a ****Caramel me A7 **** kinda day!
I really like this commercial but not the voice
that's okay though 'cos
I like the message and it is a clever commercial
I may not really care for milky ways but the dark chocolate ones are pretty good
Life* is* better* the* Milky* Way
rating: *44.5** yummies
Commercial Critic out...

Rain ??


light sprinkle just had to interrupt my morning garden plans
now the dogs and I are stuck inside for a while...***
What's that song...

'rain rain go away'...

my version: * 'soggy it up another day'
  • rained a total of 4 times, light rain, enough to cramp plans
  • finished the fig but had to cancel the desire to rotary mow
  • got a great nap after the M, hope I sleep tonight...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Psst... peculiar with mist...

This was a peculiar day... all the strange morning events for one. Only got a mist in the early part of the day and some evening rumblings with a few flashes. No rain in our area even though the caster's claimed there was rain all over the city.
Blogged more than ever in one day but I had to vent. The hubby and I were missing our dance reality show (off because of the holiday) so we put up with the pirate one and found ourselves watching the big brother 8. The recent all star show was the first time we ever sat to watch big brother, so this time even though their wasn't anything on and we could have popped in a movie, we sat and watched. I am just not sure what I think yet but we got to enjoy a rerun of 'Men in Trees' so all ended good.

Psst... event 5

Missing the hub so I went out to piddle with the side yard.
Odd day for events though...
Event 5
This one is just odd. Our neighbor across the street though his driveway is by our side yard, for some reason lately does not speak to me. Ever since our sub had a garage sale and I walked over an ask him and his wife if they would translate some information for a shopper. The wife who I rarely see outside of the house looked at me like I was an alien but she didn't speak. It just so happened though her visiting sister walked over and purchased from us. Her sister and I had a short conversation and I mentioned how happy I was 'her' health had turned for the better. I can only speculate that sister went back and mentioned it and Grandpa, which is our nickname for our neighbor, must have gotten scolded for conversing with me/us. I suggest that because after that incident, even my husband noticed the change in his behavior. He doesn't look over too often any more or wave when we do catch eyes. How our houses are set, we can even see each other when we walk out our back doors onto our high decks since the height is above the fence lines. But he don't look around and wave anymore. Once in a blue moon he will make a short comment to my hub when hub is edging the side yard but it is obvious he avoids turning when I am out. So what did I do? being all feisty an all today - from all the events... especially since I have my big black dog with me how can you not notice when you walk out to get your garbage can 20' away... so I didn't say anything until he came out for the third time and then I gave him a compliment on his two twin granddaughters he had just put in his truck. He seemed anxious but agreed with me and then added that they won the 4th of July kid parade ride... go figure; I hope the grandma wasn't peeking out the window so grandpa don't get it... odd behavior I tell you, I have stories I could tell...
Well, I then put Crikit in the back and brought out the boy. Sparky is so good when he is out front by himself and doesn't need a leash. If their all together they sometimes take on a gang mentality if someone or something agitates one of them. Sparky though stays close to me most all the time. Crikit does unless she sees a little dog or cat but Sparky... good boy. So after I gave him some time out front I went and got the baby, Ginger. She is a sweetheart too and never needs a leash at anytime. She prefers to stay glued to me. However, once it started sprinkling we all came in and it was time for me to vent!
Can you believe all these events happened before 11:00 AM? golly geezzz

Psst... event 4

Missing the hub today so I went out to piddle in the side yard.
Odd day for events though...
Event 4
Remember those blond ladies? Well I didn't mention that sometime during one of the events I looked up to see them getting ready to turn down towards their cul-de-sac. They saw us and apparently decided to make a second round hoping we would be gone. Do you remember I stated I was determine to work slowly so they all had to pass us again to go home... So they passed the front of our house again and I can not hear what they are saying and I'm really not trying to but the point I am making is... the next time they made it back around and realized they had to pass us they were talking so LOUD that I could not help but think they wanted to agitate my Crikit. For about 2 seconds Crikit growled and acted anxious till she realized no little dog and then she just sat and watched them LOUD "rudies" no acknowledgement an all go by. I am certain I do not like these personalities and I am happy they are not my direct neighbors.

Psst... event 3

Missing the hub today so I went out to piddle with the side yard.
Odd day for events though...
Event 3
Truck issue over and I am in front of the house refilling water jugs. I see a man in red crossing the street to walk past our house. Crikit who is still with me on her leash, has not seen him but I'm not worried 'cos he does not have a little dog and has never walked by the side of our house (since that side has a camera and records all movement) therefore, he most likely has never upset them... meaning Crikit should behave fine.
Well, even though the man has not come into her sight, she is acting agitated in the opposite direction. Since the trees are blocking my view from that direction I did not realized Molly the dog from event 1 was passing our house. Her mom picked her up and ignored me even when I spoke to her but in her defence she was passing the driveway the same time the man was passing her and she may have acknowledged him instead of me... I am not certain. Anyhow, man in red shirt was watching Crikit since he wasn't sure about her so I then acknowledge him by saying 'she likes people but not small dogs'.* By that time he could see she forgot all about Molly going in the other direction (towards our side yard) and wanted to meet him and stood wagging her tail at the red shirt man till he completely passed. We then headed around the car back towards the side yard and Crikit became alert again. Molly was still in sight and by Crikit's domain area. The lady never turned around, ever, not even when she turned onto her cul-de-sac. Our neighborhood truly keeps to themselves unless you have kids. We hope to sell one day... nice house but unfriendly neighborhood. What a morning...

Psst... event 2

Missing the hub today so I went out to piddle with he side yard.
Odd day for events though...
Event 2
Okay, so I'm out with my big girl Crikit still on her leash and I am walking to and from the front with my water jugs. On one of my trips to the front I hear and then see "the truck" coming down the street (to leave the sub). Now there is a story behind this truck which, I will post an entry later so one can truly understand "the truck" and its owner(s). Well, I made a point of staring as it passed knowing good and well HE would stare back and today he had the woman with him. I did the double take look intentionally and then the stare down till he was out of sight because like I said I knew HE would be watching. So I filled up my jugs and Crikit & I went back to the side and what do I hear... "the truck" it's coming back up the hill; so I stand up and watch it go by with the female intuition that they aren't really going back to their house because they forgot something, they are showing how jerky HE or THEY can be. And oh how right I was...
A couple of minutes have now passed an I am heading back to the front to refill the jugs and who is coming down the hill from the other direction towards our house instead of passing by our house.... yes "the truck" with the couple in it. In order to come that way they would have had to drive past their house in the opposite direction, pass the first mini cul-de-sac and then take the next left. That is the only way they could end up on that street and at the stop sign that diagonally faces our house. I am not one to turn away when challenged by this jerk so I stopped, stood and stared blatantly with one hand on the hip and the other holding Crikit and we had a stand off so to speak. It's funny Crikit seems to remember too or so it seemed... I made the first move; I mouthed 'donkey' (word alternate), leaned forward and made a wide had wave so they couldn't miss it. HE did wave back and made his right turn and sped down the hill as I taunted this time by turning to watch till "the truck" was out of sight. REMEMBER, there is a past event that caused me to react this way. I will link it once I write it. Anyhow, I left it at that even though I was tempted to go in and remind jerk via e-mail that I haven't forgotten... but for all I know they changed their e-address. So, instead I called the hub and told him and he assured me jerk remembers too or he wouldn't have acted like he did today so let it ly... okay babe... even though it's been way over a year since "the truck" jerks did their thing, HE *is still a big "donkey."

Psst... event 1

Missing the hub today so I went out to piddle with the side yard.
Odd day for events though...
Event 1

I decided to take Crikit my big girl on a leash out with me. On occasion I take one at a time out front to work by my side and leave the other two together in the back yard so they don't feel too upset they didn't get to go. Well, I can only speculate how and when Crikit's bad temperament developed towards little dogs. It is understandable she has issues with some of the adults (primarily) that walk by because she remembers the ones that taunted her, threw a rock or banged on the fence. I saw a documentary about the different canals in a dogs nose that helps them remember smells to identify people, places and things. Well, Crikit is exceptionally smart being a mix of Border Collie, German Shepard and Wolfe. She remembers those who have done her wrong in her mind (nose) even if we cross paths with the individual a mile away from the house... it's the smell.
Okay so back to this morning; these two ladies that push a stroller by almost every morning I have caught on tape barking at my dogs when they pass, usually when leaving their street at the beginning of their walk but not too often when they pass to return to their street. Well, this time I was almost ready to turn the corner to the side of my yard when I heard them barking at the dogs so I hurried to catch them in the act. Well, I didn't realize how close they were to the corner I was about to turn and yes we almost collided. Crikit Miss Protector rushes and I had to drop my water jugs and lock her leash quick! It startled them big time bad 'cos Crikit's bark is loud and her teeth are scary looking not to mention when she crouches down like she is going to pounce; it would raise my hair if I didn't know her. Anyhow, it doesn't happen often but once in a while someone brings it out in her. They didn't realize that Crikit was more upset about the little mop dog walking close to them.
The mop dog is named Molly and her mom picked her up and did not attempt to even look our way, which is strange because we have spoken before on occasion and I have pet Molly. She crossed to the other side of the street saying goodbye to the blonde's. My guess is because she is friends/neighbors with them and didn't want to show that she knew me so she & Molly would look like the injured party, oooooh poor them. Of course I can only speculate but it is odd that she will even say good morning through the fence even though she can not see me but she hears me calming the dogs as she walks by... go figure human behavior can be so odd.
The other two ladies though went on and on to each other even though they were only about 6' away from me but to them I apparently was invisible. They went on and on discussing their determination that Crikit would bite, etc... I did lock her leash but gave her some leeway so that she was still in her 'yard' domain and I spoke to her in my reassurance voice reiterating the commands we use to calm the behavior. She is more aggressive/protective when she is by my side more so then when she is by the hubs side; I guess she senses the difference in strength between the hub and I. Usually people are polite enough to acknowledge each other with some type of comment but not these ladies. They must be the kind that think the world should cater... and how dare us who own this corner allow our dog(s) out in our yard while they are walking by. So Crikit and I went on about our business after that and since their actions hit a nerve in me I decided to take my time working on the side so all of them would have to pass back by us on their return! *Ha

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th!

I love being an American!
Happy 4th of July to all!
I was fortunate enough to be listening to the radio when...
Ray Charles' version of America the Beautiful was played
I blasted the tune so my bones could feel it...
It was one of my morning blessings
Thank You God for my hearing

Psst... + a little rain

Rarely sleep late but wow 8:00 AM... Happy Fourth of July!

Okay so the morning was set aside for a pre-planned errand; thought it would start the day off great with the added expectation of having a wonderful day... guess not - it turned into a nightmare! At least I had the pleasure of meeting a nice Pastor and my loving husband was waiting at home, he truly is my other half; knows how to read the moment and help me through it if need be but I still feel the weight of it all...


Okay, it's now been a few hours and I am doing much better
To our surprise* K *called to wish us a Happy Fourth
That was so nice; she is turning into a thoughtful young lady
Well, I'm gonna put this on hold and go out to plant while it's cloudy and cool
This morning's incident just drained me and I could not get the mojo going
The honey finished the new tree hole and then we relaxed on the deck with the dogs
Came in to nap in the recliners
Later enjoyed some TV laughs
Cooked an awesome salmon dinner enjoyed on deck
We could see the far off firework shows
So we added the binoculars and popcorn
Then to close the evening, a wonderful Boston firework show on TV
The only complaint is - we are in the city limits therefore, no fireworks
But there always has to be some neighborhood jerks
The ones that break the law and upset the neighborhood pets
Especially my Baby Ginger
I hope they burn their fingers!
okay so that was mean
Oh & *0.75* of an inch of rain even though is seemed to rain for hours

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Transformers Movie/Commercials

The commercials that have partnered up with the movie *Transformers *are pretty cool
My favorite is the toaster that steals the soda pop from one of the roomies but the other roommates don't see it and think their roomy is cracking up.
The second one I have seen is the car/transformer commercial
Now I have not been intrigued to see the movie but I sure enjoy the toaster commercial
rating: * Totally Cool
Commercial Critic out...

Rain... & Psst...

only about an eighth of an inch but other areas were heavy
got my nerves up while driving to celebrate the hubs vacation day

we explored the Gringo's and the TV host was right - the chips and salsa were great! we will revisit one day and the too cool thing is... they offer a free soft self-serve ice cream cone as a topper with three choices to select from - what a novel idea!

okay since the rain stopped, we headed for the blood bank, but upon returning home and spending some time with the dogs on deck, it was nice to settle in once the rain began

I Had The POWER Today!

So excited!

'Finally' **I was NOT rejected today!

Iron count was good and so were the appreciation gifts
Instead of the usual newly designed T-shirts and movie tickets,
I got a baseball cap, 2 movie tickets and a pint of Bluebell ice cream
A dozen flavors to choose from too...
quite different but nice!

"YOU" Have The Power Too!

Did you know 1-pint of blood can save (3) people?
60% of our Nation are eligible but only 5% donate!
You can donate every 56-days, six (6) times a year...


Donate today, "YOU" will save a life!
The most compassionate and selfless act you can do...

Monday, July 2, 2007


half an inch
it doesn't make sense since it poured hard
we decided to harvest some for future use, it was fun
since the hub took the day off we started our landscape rain path
after all the ground was soft and the rain showed us the way


The hubby took the day off, yeah!
So we finished the front tree transplant
Relaxed on the porch with a Coke
Decided to harvest some rain
When it turned to sprinkles we headed for the back
Let the doggies out to splash around
Worked in the light rain
Finally started the landscape rain path
Transplanted two baby acorn oaks (hope they survive)
Dug the hole for another tree from earth day giveaway
the sun came out : (
so we showered, had a late late lunch and did the Sam's
arrived home in time to watch the reality's
surprise surprise
B called with a dinner invite
totally good
What a fun filled full day... loved it!

BOA - Keep The Change

I have to admit the dialogue and music made me think it was going to be about a charity;*SO... I turned to watch; well, I was pleasantly surprised that it is about **'giving back to the customer'

Rounding up the change, hmmm, I might just open another account

rating: 5 stars

Commercial Critic out...

Volkswagen Convertible

I tend to chatter or do something during commercials so...
a good commercial is gonna make me turn and look
whether it's the jingle, music or dialogue
point in case
VW convertible automobile commercial
The MUSIC is like a big hug
I have seen it several times and know it is a white convertible
It has a happy couple driving away from a party
But I get so enthralled with the music I miss the details of the car

'VW' you made my head turn

rating: 5 stars

Commercial Critic out...

Sunday, July 1, 2007

AT&T Wireless - good one

I have been loving the music in the new AT&T Wireless commercials
The one that starts with a band on stage...
I really like the collage of scenes throughout on the longer ones
For those few seconds of commercial, I feel really good...

Good ad for a change... kudos to the marketing dept.

rating: 5 stars

Commercial Critic out...

New Diet Pepsi Max

The only good thing about this commercial is the 'WAKE UP PEOPLE' *flash
I can not stand this commercial at allllll - I see a rude, bad manner, ugly message
What decent person yawns with out covering their mouth!
Who wants to see the going on's inside another's mouth, no telling what you'll see
Not to mention it contorts the face all up and ugly
Totally have to look the other way or grab the remote
Better yet, Pepsi should call Miss Manners for a scolding!
wasted money and air time
rating : ( ** awful
Commercial Critic out...

Psst... & Heavy Rain Again

whoa 1.5 " plus thunder, lightning and rain so hard the doggy door leaked

lawn mower got wet and the umbrella wanted to blow away

at least we fixed the new glorie climb

got to see the beginning of one of the big face sunflower's bloom

plus all the newly trimmed lawn and plants got a good drink

did a lot of transplanting

took care of the pond and Boy Fish

but rain interrupted the new tree planting, oh well...

And according to the hub, I missed the rainbow... dang


Bourne Identity and Tilapia for dinner

great combo!