Monday, June 20, 2011

Hi Friendzees!

Hi Friendzees!

Shock oh mighty momma blogged fur us!

We have missed all of you sooooo much.

Daddy don't know how to get into the bloggie and momma said she furgot how...

Yeah right, we think it is all the lost job's, them being sickly and then some surgeries but

you know what we furgive them cos yeah we are here today!

We have to get updated pics and run around to see what ya'll been up to.

Oh we have a twitter but momma hasn't used it ... figures sheeeesh

Well, Me Crikit has a hip issue I gotta see the doc about and both me and Sparky have to lose weight. Ginger just needs a good brushing to get her winter coat off but she don't like brushing ~ she's weird.

Hugs and Kisses All

C,S & G