Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crikit Week: must end fur now

remember my 1st pic ever @ 8-wks?

then @ 4-months?
Well... here I am now @ 4-years!
Daddy can't really hold me cos I wiggle plus, I weigh around 60 something pounds :)

fur those who asked ~

yes, I saved my
crabbie baby

got that bug good!

I purfur to lounge in my pool as often as my pawents let me. This was my 1st barkday

They even gave me my 1st outdoor bath in it cos I really loved being in my pool

plus they were getting me ready fur my 1st Luau and I tolerated the outfit my pawents wanted me to wear

one fact about me is that I love to savor my chews

and I love my treats! Plus my pawents let me lick every last crumb out of the box every time

and most of ya'll know I now live fur my tennis balls and love pink so you know I love my pink pool but I am still waiting fur my pink tennis ball to show up... but that seems to be taking a long time

Oh and when the weather is nice, I like to sit on the side deck cos it allows me to look over the fence and guard my front yard too.

This was me during my front yard guard duty this Memorial Day ...

Now, I want to thank you all fur visiting me during my week. I apaweciate your friendship. I loved this attention so much I hope to have another me-week one day but I must share with my famileee so on that note ~ celebrate life!

Love Licks,
Crikit Y
some facts: my daddy is a Border Collie, my mommy is part German Sheppard part Wolfe and we were told I look like my grandmother; we hope to get a picture of her someday but I'll share my pawents picture as soon as mommy scans it ~ love ya xoxo

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Crikit Week: more of ME!

Starting with the ugly coat!
Mom's excuse: it was the only semi-large coat reasonably priced at the store.
Well I said shop around then cos this one made me look like a BOY! ugh!

Thank goodness I didn't need the ugly thing in the house ~ it was already too warm fur me

My 1st trip to a trail park

It was the neatest place!

Seemed like we walked furever and it still wasn't enough fur me ~ I loved it!

then... a couple of days later I discovered paper towel rolls!
I totally believed they needed to be demolished immediately hehehe I still do!
furst 2-pics I was 6-months & the rest I was 7-months
Well friendzees, mommy said I get one more day fur all-about-me ~ bummer I was really diggin this anyways, thanks fur visiting come back again k?!
Love Licks, Crikit Y

Friday, May 23, 2008

Crikit Week: how I got my name


now ~ turn your head sideways cos mommy did a booboo

then here is my 1st tasty orange stick!

1st ~GIANT~ bug

I'd ever seen and it was attacking my Crabbie Baby!

Yup! I was spoiled uh I mean loved...

In the booboo video I was 4-months & 6-months in the others.

Thanks fur visiting again XO

Love Licks, Crikit Y

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crikit Week: already a good helper

@ 4-months,
I lent my paws to help my pawrents whenever needed

I was getting bigger compared to my 1st picture in daddy's arms, remember that one?!

I didn't really care fur golf balls but I guarded daddy's when he needed me to

I was getting tall too.

Daddy would yelp sometimes when I jumped up to stand by him wonder why... weird huh?!

I loved helping in the wood pile

I would find all kinds of interesting things

I tell daddy which one I wanted and he would fetch it ~ uhem who's got who trained? :)

Always ready to pawtect when needed

It sometimes was tiring but...

I so loved my job and still do

Thanks fur visiting ~ Love Licks, Crikit Y

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crikit Week: fast & growing

I was too fast fur the camera

specially when I got my 1st chewie

I knew right off I would always love & care fur

my chewie baby

My furst purdy pink harness


Monitoring daddy~

Be careful daddy that's my Baby

My pawrents delaying my learning cos
They locked me in the kitchen on well...
many occasions

Not even my cute ears or puppy eyes
helped me in getting the blockage removed

22-days later...

loving on my chewie baby

& growing fast!
Oh my week is going by too fast

Thanks again fur visiting

Love Licks,
Crikit Y

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crikit Week: 1st loves

I loved basketballs 1st

but I conquered soccer balls 1st

and then included was my 1st pool fun

but I couldn't decide which ball I loved more

so confusing...

hehe I didn't give up on my b-ball conquest

I had to show it who was the boss!

hopefully mommy will find the picture when I carried my b-ball

cos I know she has a pic of the destroyed one :)

I was about 4-months old well...

Thanks fur visiting today during my week

Love Licks ~ Crikit Y

Monday, May 19, 2008

Crikit Week: Split Second Video's

20 seconds or less video's ~ except 1
cos mommy didn't know how to use her digital camera
hehe even the 2-sec one
catches my wildness take a peek

16 - secs

4 - secs

6 - secs you can really see my flip floppy ears

11 - secs

40 - secs! more essence of me!

19 - secs

17 - secs and probably mommy's favorite cos I stop to put Baby in a safe place.

14 - secs nah they all are I'm sure

You can even see my Baby (pre-destuffed days)

hmmm I guess mommy was right ~ I was a handful

I'm jus loving 'Me' week

Love Licks, Crikit Y

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crikit Week: My very furst picture

I am so excited ~ my week to be a star!
This is me!
My furst picture!

11:17:16 AM on
June 20th, 2004

I was being handed to my daddy fur the furst time on Daddy's Day!

I thought my new home was with Kristen but turns out I was a gift frum my now cousin Kristen. I sooo didn't know what was going on.

We were at grampa's celebrating. I didn't know if this was my new furever home but I got lots of attention. I was really mellow and quiet.

Approximately 8-weeks old

Look at my purdy blue eyes but as ya'll know they didn't stay blue.

hehe my mommy was concerned cos my paws indicated I was gonna be big and she only had small fur babies before me.

2-weeks later I was a wild child with... no cares in the world. I loved my water jugs and had to teach them who was the boss!

Look you can see my potty bell.

I was told I must ring the bell to go potty or mommy's voice would get shrilly! To bad then didn't figure out I needed my own door till 3-years later! silly huuumons.

You can even see my furst most favorite crabbie in the world. Loved Crabbie but when the others came to live with us one of them attacked it and now it is in crabbie heaven.

Hey you can even see my Baby that I won't say who cos it's my week but someone destuffed my Baby and mommy promised to heal but I haven't seen Baby fur a long time ... MOOOOOOOOM

I learned early how to give puppy eyes to get more treats. Weird thing, mommy use to feed me frum my frizzbee baby so that's how I learned to carry my food bowl around when I'm hungry... there fault

I use to pose fur the camera ~ look at my flip floppy ears! Eveyone use to comment on my ears didn't understand why; they said I would grow into them hmmm I loved my flip floppy ears!

This is so fun ~ Thanks fur sharing this week with me friendzees! Stay tune for more ~ no telling what mommy may find?!

Love Licks ~ Crikit Y


pee ess: sad thing, when we were having the computee problem a few months ago, well appawrently we did lose some of my baby pictures cos mommy can't find any pictures during that 2-week break... too sad huh