Friday, July 4, 2008

Calling all brain power ~ Help

C, S, & G mom here... we need computer savvy friends to help us figure out our problem if possible. I had to come to the library to do this because:

1. we cannot get Google, Gmail or blogger to open and sometimes not even netzero
2. we cannot see most of the blogs not even ours even when just surfing the net
3. we changed from TimeWarner to AT&T/SBCGlobal and yes it is faster but we get errors on almost all pages we attemp to view or cannot find server or done and there is no page
4. we have lowered our Internet properties as low as we can go and still try to stay safe
5. before we left TimeWarner we had to lower the firewall to open up some of the blogs and then turn it back on but that firewall came with TW so we don't have that option now
6. We ran a free Norton Anti-virus during all the frustrating time which, resulted in files that read Trojan and a couple of small alert virus' so we renewed our Norton Anti-virus account to the most updated for our software
7. We finally got connected to AT&T/SBCGlobal network and for a couple of days everything seemed fine but then suddenly without any provocation on our part, we have been having boot-up problems where the first boot locks up or it takes over 10-minutes to get it rebooted and when we are on the net we get locked out of most everything even Disney and BeBratz which, doesn't make sense.
8. our system check mentions about a fat32 inconsistency which, was listed on the small alert virus that makes us think it may still be contributing to our issues
9. The screen flashes when booting up made us think someone was piggy backing on our system but we don't know how to really know.
10. AT&T tech says they cannot help because it shows we got our Internet connection
11. oh and when we sign in to Google or blogger it acts like everything is fine and then it sends us in loops - 'you are about to .. secure site' we say OK then 'others may see...' then we say OK, then the same messages loop and loop and loop and the site never completely loads.

Does anyone have any helpful advice? We cannot take the computer in for another month for service due to finances and we sure are missing all of you.
Thank you in advance for any advice.
Our hotmail account seems to work fine

Chef! sorry we haven't been able to update on the goodies from Koobie.
Koobie awesome! Just awesome. We have pics if we get this site to like us again.
AireChicks hope you enjoyed your goodies
Friends we miss you
and will visit as soon as we get this *#$?! computer to work right.