Friday, November 30, 2007

Bloggie BROKE!

mommy don't know how to fix it :-(
our picture won't come up any more :-(
our tails have stopped wagging for a bit till we figure it out...
guess it's for the best cos
We haven't finished our Christmas card list yet!
Bow Wow 4 Now Friends

Santa Paws ~ Please Read ~

Dear Santa Paws,

Hope you and Mrs. Paws had a wagging tail year. How are the Elfies? Are they working hard to get treats ready for all doggies, kitties & creatures? Now make sure your rein-doggies rest their paws enough to be ready for the round the world sleigh ride. How exciting! We love to go for rides. If you want we’re ready and we think mommy & daddy would let us go too! Think about it Santa Paws, k?

Well, I Crikit am the big black beauty or at least that’s what mommy & daddy call me and they put that on my stocking too in case you see that instead of my name. Oh and I'm the eldest of our trio, anywho, Mr. Paws, Sparky & Ginger agreed I should write for the three of us what we hope & wish for Christmas ~ it’s kinda long so get comfy ~

We discussed it and our little hearts wish for all doggies, kitties & creatures first and foremost to have someone to love that will love them back millions times over. Many are left to fend for themselves and it saddens us beyond our limited vocabulary. Mommy tries to help loose or lost pets when she can and we don’t like to see her heart hurt for them.

We wish for all kill shelters to be done away with please.

We wish for all humans to respect the lives of all living creatures big & small.

We wish you could find homes for all doggies, kitties & creatures for Christmas. We know each one would give so much back to their 4-ever family.

We wish that all doggies, kitties & creatures in a shelter of some sort that don’t yet have their 4-ever home yet, to get some love, a treat, eat till their bellies are full, have a bed & blankie for warmth and have pawsome dreams.

We wish that any doggies, kitties & creatures out in the world by themselves to find food, shelter, warmth and companionship of some kind till they find someone to love who will love them back millions times over.

We wish all doggies, kitties & creatures that are sick to get better and have their health returned to them. It would make their families happy and they would all have a Merry Christmas too!

We wish the hearts of all humans, doggies, kitties & creatures to be comforted if they have lost a loved one. Help them realize that their loved one is now happy & healthy, waiting & playing at the Rainbow Bridge in God’s Garden until it time for the family to reunite.

We wish that daddy & mommy could get land to give lots of doggies, kitties & creatures a loving home with us.

We wish all our DWB friends the happiest life ever full of love & licks & treats & pressies.

We wish if it doesn’t sound too greedy, that all three of us each get a full piece of Salmon or a baked chicken tender all to ourselves! Sparky would like mommy to get rid of her camera thingy. Oh and he would like a really big chew bone or a working retractable leash. Ginger would like any new toy, chew or pink necklace, she’s like mommy, they like everything, their the easiest to give pressies to. If you find in your bag a doggie toothbrush & paste well, Sparky could sure use them cos he sometimes eats poop! I guess I could too cos mommy & daddy say I have bad breath and ya know, I really don’t wanna go to Dr. D to get my teeth cleaned. But most of all Santa Paws, if you could get the elfies to make me a pink tennis ball I sure would appreciate it, even though any one will do. I so love tennis balls! Oh and we all loooves the Pedigree Denta Stix’s could you leave a note in mommy & daddy’s stocking to get us some every time they see them? It sure would really make our Christmas & New Year. Oh and is there anything you could leave me to stop my stinky toots? I thinks my whole family would be really happy ya know?

We hope you stop at our house. We’ve been really good doggies and we’ve minded our pee’s hehehe, I mean ppp’s & qqq’s what ever that means. Oh and we don’t bark at our neighbor too much anymore. We behave at Dr. D’s office & don’t snap at him when he pokes us. We wait to jump in the car or go out the door till mommy or daddy calls us. I check on BoyFish everyday for mommy oh oh we promise we won’t forget to keep daddy from lighting the fireplace so you don’t singe your hair or burn your paws! Oh and If you wanna use the doggie door we also promise not to bark or bite you if we get startled, k?

So, be safe Santa Paws as you travel around the globe to leave your paw prints! Please don’t miss our Dog House! Merry Christmas! Oh & Have a Happy Howling Night!
Lots of Love Licks & wagging tails,
Bow Wow 4 Now Santa
Crikit, Sparky, Ginger ~ aka ~ Texas Trio Barking Loud

Sunday, November 25, 2007

We were tagged!

1st time ever ... kinda exciting to know ~ we're it!
Happy tagged us last Wednesday, November 21, 2007 but mommy was getting us ready for our road trip and didn't check our bloggie ~ here goes!

Just like Happy we're not sure how it works so we're gonna just copy and paste from Happy's blog... she don't know the name of this tag, it's something about fact thingy.... and we're gonna share it with mom & dad just like she did with her mommy! We thinks it's a great idea! After all mommy does the typing for us.

Here's the Rules

Link to your tagger and post these rules:
List eight ( 8 ) random facts about yourself (we're gonna do 2 for Mom, 2 for Dad & 4 for us!)
Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them )
Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs okay?
Here goes:

1) Just like Happy & Benben who tagged her, our mom is always busy too & is getting busier now that the Christmas card list is out!
2) Our mom also goes berserk if we leave paw prints on the floor like Happy's
3) Dad always shares more of his food with us then mom does hmmph mom
4) Dad always plays with us first thing after he gets home from work no matter what! Oh how we love that, we're priority!
5) Like Happy we loooooove McyD's fries oh and the ice cream cones mmmmm
6) Like Happy also, we all hates nail trimming & if dad don't hold us down we wrestle with mom oh & we whine too!
7) We all love to go for walks or rides
8) And ya'll most likely know this already... we love to bark loud when someone is outside our fence! We we're barking when mom was naming the blog hehehe and loud ~
Next! We're gonna tag everyone who reads our bloggie JUST kidding!
Unless ya want to!
Okay the eight are (drumroll please):

Emma, Faeden, Lilly, Logan, Katie & Toby; Roxie, Sammy & Andy; King King; Snowball; Chloe; Techie & Izzy; Jackson; KB

We'll catch the rest of you on the next round

Lots of Love Licks & wagging tails!!!

We're Back from our Road Trip!

Hi Friends!
We missed ya'll. Hope everyone had a pawsome Thanksgiving!
We're gonna sniff over to visit each of you today.
We'll post tomorrow.
Bow Wow 4 Now ~ we're ready to run!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Dear Friends:
We want to wish all a blessed Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. For those who do not, we hope you take a moment to give thanks for you are blessed to have.
We will be away for a couple of days. Mom & Dad are taking us to Grandma's house!! Sparky & Ginger have never been on a long trip so it is gonna be interesting. I am so excited for all of us. We are gonna meet this Grandma for the first time and our aunt & cousins and stay in a doggie friendly hotel woohoo! I'm sure there will be pictures so...
Ya'll be good & be safe!
Lots of Love Licks, we'll miss you!
Bow Wow 4 Now

Monday, November 19, 2007

Woof Woof ~ New Friends Yeah!

Hello, Hello & Welcome!
We love making new friends!
KB your so itty bitty we wanna cuddle you!
Techie & Izzy oh ya'll are puurdy doggies!
Handsome Jake your agility talent is pawsome!
We will sniff over to visit often!
Bow wow 4 now new friends!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yikes! My Bad Luck

ever had one of those days?
awh dawg...
I made the mistake and came up on deck

mom had the camera thingy
my bad luck

I just don't like that thingy looking at me even if I am wearing my SuperSparky tag. I'm still camera shy

okay fine I'm looking at you
so take the picture already

that's it I had enough
I'm going now
no more pictures please
your like the

Sparky is outta here!

Woof Woof ~ wittle Maggie came to visit

Hello purdy wittle Maggie!
We are so happy you came to visit.
Now that we know where to find you we will keep track of your growing adventures!
We will sniff over often!
Lots of Love Licks & Cuddles just for you!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Calendar Picture!

Dad just showed us the picture he submitted for the calendar

We decided ... we like it!

We're looking forward to seeing all your pictures too!
Lots of Love Lick Friends

Woof Woof ~ New Friends!

Hello & woohoo!
Please to meet you all
We are so excited you sniffed over to visit
Expect us to visit you all often
Bow Wow 4 Now our new friends!

Friday, November 16, 2007

uh oh ~ gulp gulp...

Well, mom went out yesterday to beautify and didn't take us.
She left us alone for what seemed like a really really looong time!
When she got home we all played in the house and when dad got home we all played on the shady side of it house and then it was dark.

But this morning when she came out to play she stopped in her tracks and said WhhhhAAAAAAT is this! we knew it was an uh oh moment. We all froze to see what was gonna happen next... I guess she's right, it does look like we sheared a lamb

close up

mom kept going on & on wanting to know about who did this... gulp, gulp

so I knew I had to fess up and wow mom was cool about it!

oh what fun we had shreding the car wash glove! ya otta try it!

~ Bow Wow 4 Now Friends ~

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mama says ...

we're just visiting today...yeah!
oh & no pictures... what a treat!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mama & her camera thingy again *sigh*

So we didn't cooperate like mama would've liked us to
She said "ears! come on put your ears up girls"
so what did we do? hehehe

I think I look like OPY's sister :)
so were sitting there when I noticed something going on...
Ginger hadn't yet ... just check out her "ears"

I forget about mom and the camera thingy 'cos it was a dog!
Ginger started stressing
see, her ears ... they totally tell all

Sparky on the other hand didn't wanna participate
he wouldn't even look at mom

He has tude when he wears his SuperSparky tag
the more I look at his picture
I feel sure his head is gonna bobble!
hehehe don't tell him hehehe
I guess mom's testing the camera thingy
'cos she told dad we need to take Christmas pictures
We'll just have to watch the grass grow & the wind blow
like Roxie did during her Christmas photo shoot
good advise girlfriend
I need a snack & a snooze
Crikit out...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Woof Woof ~ New Friends!

Our tails are wagging sooo much... new friends!
so excited to say we've now met...
we'll be sniffing over at their places often!
Bow Wow 4 Now new friends ~

Johann gave us a TREAT Woo Hoo!

Our tails are wagging so fast I think we might sprang them!
Johann The Dog who keeps all doggies sooooo informed gave us a treat!
Well, okay me Crikit 'cos I think he likes me *giggle-blush-giggle*
I'm so happy happy I think it's called cloud 9
Oh and girls he's so handsome mmm

Well, Johann says that Mark says: this award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun.

Well Sparky, Ginger and I so loooove to have fun and we enjoy sniffing over to visit all our new friends as often as mommy lets us. SO we (I) graciously accept this honor bestowed on me by handsome Johann (my secret boyfriend ssshh don't tell)

Again, sooooo many of my new friends deserve this award and it is so hard to choose that we're gonna have mommy draw from the treat bowl for us... so who'd ya pick mom?

Well kids since Johann picked 4 I will too: The following
Be The Blog treats go to (drum roll)...

Bloggie Treat!

oh my doggie we got a TREAT!
Our friends: EMMA The Golden Girl
Queen of the Canine Kids
Lilly, Logan, Katie, Toby & Faeden
passed on some love...

We are honored & humbled. We visit their home often and hope all of you will too. It's like stepping into a world of simplicity & lots of love. Emma shares the adventures her & the kids have in their world of peaceful serenity.

Our sincere Thank You! Woooof Woooof & Wags

Hmmm who shall we pass the love to?
We have so many awesome friends!

So well stated that we borrowed some of Emma's words: "This award 'The Community Blog Award' is to recognise bloggers that celebrates those who reach out and make the blogger community a better one. It also underlines the importance of a blog's readership community, one of the most rewarding parts about blogging. It's those who come back to comment, adding to the conversation, making you feel like someone is listening and interested. We would like to pass along this award to three very deserving bloggers whose blogs we enjoy visiting and who certainly embody the best traits of friendly discourse within the blogging community."

As we stated we are Humbled & Honored. We shall pass the love to:

Though so many of you deserve this special badge, we each picked one doggie out of our treat bowl.

Woof Woof ~ More New Doggie Friends!

Welcome! Hello!

Friends More New Ones! What a Treat

~ Chloe ~ Alex ~

~ Roxy ~ Maya & Kena ~

So nice of you to sniff over, come over often!

Bow Wow 4 Now ~ Our new Friends

Monday, November 12, 2007

Crikit here...

Mom scrub most all of our treasures to "de-germ" them... she jus don't understand *sigh*

These are for sure gone but the jugs always come back looking great again, so that's okay
Mom & Dad did buy us new tennis balls yeah! Dad already lost one with the launcher. Went up, bounced on the deck then up to the 2nd roof and flew away! gosh dad we only had it one day. Mom came out later and started launching another ball and it went so high, then came down to only bounce off the roof and disappear! Lucky us mom looked and looked and finally found it... across the streat and almost in their backyard! I love my tennis balls so this was jus too much stress for me. Good thing mom made dad go back to throwing it... yeah!

So guess who gets it??? of course ME!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Woof Woof ~ More More New Friends!

Hello! Hello!
It's like getting new tennis balls!
More NEW Friends... woo hoo!

We love that you sniffed over to visit
Thank you & sniff over often!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sparky here...

when I pull my ears back well...
that's when you can really tell I'm part greyhound & part lab, huh?

I just got finished running hard.

Then I went and found Ginger's chew.

silly girl always leaves it unguarded, I live for them

As you can see from this little clip, she realized I now had it. I figured she was gonna go tell mom. But in my defence ... isn't that what family is suppose to do? share their chews?

notice Ginger's ears? there back till she realizes and then, they pop up? lol

Woof Woof ~ More new Friends!

Hello! Welcome!
How lucky are we to make more new friends

What a treat for us!

Can't wait to sniff on over and visit our new friends!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Big OOPS ~ got caught

when i heard mom, i knew i got caught
but better mom then dad 'cos he don't like me digging holes
then Crikit had to chime in her 2~cents... ugh

i knew this was a big oops so i gave mom my baby eyes
mom i was just playing 'hide the treasures'

i knew what i needed to do...

i's really sorry mom
i Y you

oh and hey friends, so far nothing has vanished
paws still crossed though
bow wow 4 now

Woof Woof ~ Lots of new Friends!

Welcome! Welcome!
we are so happy to have so many visitors!

We'll be trotting on over to vist all of you
oh how we feel so special, thank you!
Bow Wow 4 Now
Our treasured new friends!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Our Treasure's in Review

Ginger here... well we still don't know what's going on. We're still nervous.
mom gathered a lot of our treasures and even found some hidden ones!
Crikit & Sparky are watching intently.
Crikit was the brave one and went to look over the gathering.
Mom even took pictures from the window!

while Crikit was reviewing she saw mom peek out another window and take another picture...

so she called Sparky & me to come over for a conference

But Crikti was already deciding what we were gonna snag before mom came out

I haven't seen any new toys but even so, I like my old ones. Our paws are crossed everything is still here tomorrow... wish us luck

Bow wow 4 now

Morning Suprize

We all got a purdy suprize this morning. Mind you it's been windy and cold for a while now. This flower greeted us when we all went out to potty, imaging our suprize!

Isn't it purdy?!
mom told dad she didn't even know anything was in the pot and hadn't been watering it
so it seemed extra lovely... blowing in the wind
I just wanted to chew on it!

Woof Woof ~ Johann

Hey Johann!
Wow thanks for sniffing over for a visit
you one handsome dude!
you gotta great site and pictures
we'll trot on over often and your welcome anytime!
Bow wow 4 Now

Woof Woof ~ LacyLuLu

Oh so nice of your to visit
We just love your site and think you are a lovely lil lady
we hope you grace us with your visits often
we'll be stopping by too!
Lots of Love Licks to you our new little friend

Woof Woof ~ Coyote Charlie!

Woo hoo! Coyote Charlie came to visit!
Coyote Charlie we are so honored
soooooo gorgeous you are
loooove your pictures
Thank you for sharing your journey of life with your blog
Lots of Love Licks from us to YOU
you make us wanna howl at the moon


Alert! Alert!
moms outside going through our pile of treasures
that means things disappear
we'll up date later gotta go keep watch
I'm stressed right now...

Ginger out...

Prayers for Dolly & her Humans

DWB has such a wonderful idea with
~ Paw It Forward ~
we make it a point that everytime we review our site we visit the doggie that comes up. we vist anywhere from 1 to 10 a day depending on how time we are on the computer.
Today though, we got Jim and the last post entered... so sad
Dolly was stolen in London
please send up Dolly prayers
Update: yeah! she is home now!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Woof Woof ~ Lorenza!

Hi Lorenza barkday girl!
So nice of you to visit!
We all think you take great pictures!
No wonder you were highlighted on DWB.
You go girl! Trot on over anytime little friend
We will be visiting your awesome blog often
Lots of Love Licks & Wagging Tails...

Long day.....

mom seemed to be crazy with the camera today
Sparky was trying to nap

and the flash woke up Crikit too
who then was not happy with Sparky 'cos he ate his food plus hers and then was chewing on
her bowl... look at him trying to act aloof
so I took charge and tried to stop mom and the flashy thing

it worked for a bit
then she got Sparky again!
he was thinking about chewing on the shoe leftovers from this morning
oh btw mom forgave me for my oops

but Sparky got fed up with the camera, he went to one of the pillows under the table. That's me cuddled next to him 'cos it seemed like a long long day.

Probably 'cos I messed up this morning. Oh, the table thing worked and mom went off to watch TV.... aah sleep, it's a good thing!

Ginger out for now...

Woof Woof ~ Sir Chance-Lot

Hey There Sir Chance-Lot!
How great of you to sniff on over.
Love making new friends we do we do
Sniff on over anytime
oh the girls wanted me to remind you they think your too handsome
I like your name dude!
Bow Wow 4 Now Sir... Sparky out!

Woof Woof ~ Bajas, Coco & Nimbus

How great ya'll sniffed on over.
So glad you found us, we love making new friends.
It looks like you guys like to run and you definitely have fun!
Ya'll are a cool looking bunch
We'll trot on over in a bit
Lots of Love Licks & Wagging tails (butts hehehe) get it?!

Oh nooo ~ I did it again...

Sorry mom I couldn't help it

its been daylight for so long and with this time change...
Sparky & Crikit just kept sleeping

i think i got bored ~ but mom you still got another one, okay?
i Y you

Woof Woof ~ Roxie, Sammy & Andy!

We love making new friends! Ya'll are such cutie pies.
Glad we sniffed on over when you came up on our
~ Paw It Forward ~ Love that Opy ~ great idea too!
your welcome to come play anytime.
we'll be by later Tx Buddies ~
Lots of Love Licks & wagging tails!
Bow Wow 4 Now

Sunday, November 4, 2007

lazy daizy Sunday

Crikit here... mom & dad were home practically all day... yeah!
after our morning playtime with dad he settled in for football. i still wanted to play so I snagged Sparky's football and wrestled with it... i felt like a pup!

i razzed it

and wore myself out

no one felt like playing 'cos they wanted to work on their chews... hmph

Sparky here... well i didn't wanna play 'cos mom gave us chews and i love my chews but mom and her camera can really take the fun out of it mom do you mind? really now

geezze i'll just have to ignore you for now but i'll give you love when i finish

Ginger here... ya'll can go ahead and relax i can guard and chew on my treat no worries.

really i can see everything from this angle

hey moms camera angle really shows my highlights, cool, mmm this is good

lucky us, nice weather and a tasty chew

whatta perfect way to spend a Sunday

Hope ya'll had a good one too ~ wagging tails out...

Woof Woof ~ Charlie Boy!

We love visitors to sniff by!

Hey we do yard guard so not too much contraband for us but lucky you!

We all think you have a great picture on your profile. Mom wants to do another one of us but we give her a hard time when the camera comes out... it's fun. She lived in England once, she liked it lots.
Lots of Love Licks & wagging tails to our New Friend...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Woof Woof ~ Sophie Brador!

How wonderful for you to sniff on by!
Crikit here... I am the big black beauty!
We have a consensus - you have the most beautiful eyes!!
It is surprising there seem to be so many doggies named 'Sparky' out in the world. Some spell it a little differently but Sparky Barky spells it the same. But heres a secret for you to know... Sparky chose his own name! Long story...
We call ourselves The Gang sometimes on the blog boards since there are 3 of us who try to get mom to post for us... she takes all these pictures and then drops the ball ~ ball hmmm I think I want to go play!
We like your blog and all your pictures so we'll be sniffing by often!
Lots of Love Licks and wagging tails... The Gang

We like guilt...

Ya know, when M&D leave us for a long time guilt sure does make our play time better.

That's me Crikit up front ready for dad to throw the ball. Sparky is ready to chase me and Ginger is relaxing with her new chew while keepin and eye on things. She seems to think she needs to keep watch ALL the time. See here is a pic of that...
Like Friday Date Day; they left as soon as dad got home early and they were out till way dark! All we had was the TV glow inside and the moonlight outside! What was up with that? We got really good doggie treats from the doggie bag and good thing they left the doggie door open but dang they could of taken us with them... we don't mind being the 3rd, 4th & 5th wheel. Even when the day grew longer Ginger got comfortable and continued to guard...

What she don't seem to realize is I'm really in charge... look at my power pic

Good thing mom didn't have my pink flower collar on or I might not scare anyone

Then Saturday morning after we played just for like a minute it seems, they left AGAIN golly gosh and they seemed gone 4ever! But they ran us hard but mom couldn't get the video loaded but at least she got it right? But this time we all waited by the door like this pic that mom took to show dad how we wait for him to come home. Sparky though was pushing it 'cos we're not suppose to be on the carpet!
At least they bought us some new tennis balls... Wish ya'll could come over and play

Bow Wow for Now ~ Wagging tails out...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Dang missed him

mom was outside to try and catch mean neighbor in the act of antagonizing us but we were roaming around the yard and missed our opportunity to alert her till the last minute and by then he reached our window and saw her... dang

we don't like him right now