Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cousin Elizabeth!!!

Happy Birthday!
We sure do miss you!


the petting the playing the bubbles!
Come baaaccck
wagging tails
lots of licks
high paws to you

Slacker Mom Again!

she didn't post for us practically all week!
she's blaming the computer... huh
well she better do better this week or were gonna ask Dad

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lazy Days

I like to sunbathe just like dad...
I guess it's a guy's thing but...
I can't show you the picture 'cos
mama did something to the computer!
and the picture got erased
Sparky out...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Catch Up Again!

Ginger here...
Mom's been working on the other blog and not ours!
Gosh mom...

Well, Tuesday they took me for such a long walk... I was tired and I got scared a couple of times. I was so glad to finally get home 'cos then we go out back and hunt frogs.
Wednesday & Thursday was nice and we just chilled in and out of the house. I love our doggie door. I wasn't happy that m&d took Crikit for the walk and not Sparky or me. But when they got home we all went and played in the dark... it's so much fun then Thursday they took Sparky and they seemed like they were gone forever... not fair
Friday the Date Day we lounged all day and played when dad got home and then they locked us in! I don't like that part. But we got bread sticks as soon as they got home. This time they went for a walk and didn't take any of us ... hmmm I wonder why we all wanted to go :(
But this weekend m&d stayed home the whole time and we got good treats and played a lot. They put down this big rug in the TV room that was at the other door and they don't mind if we get on it... so cool 'cos now I can walk up to them as long as I don't get on the carpet. That easy step on dark don't step on white.
Oh I almost forgot ~ Saturday morning we were all barking 'cos Charlie was at our fence window and mom went out front to catch him. I helped because Charlie was darting from her and dad opened the gate and I ran out... I was scared of Charlie at first but I'm bigger so I tamed him and mom & I walked him home. It was kinda neat...
okay I gotta go potty before we go to bed ~

bow wow for now

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I like him...

is my new best friend
I like to keep him company
I seem to look like a bat
mom must have done trick photography

I didn't mean to...

I couldn' help it~

4-giiivvve me

Dad still has another one ~ really

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cheerio Morning Yeah!

We've already had a couple of opportunities to bark
Mom left the big door open even after Dad left
The weather is really nice today so we stayed outside
when mom got up she gave us lots of Cheerios
this day is starting out great!
more later... The Gang

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Crikit knows best why don't they know that?

That's right Crikit here...

I try to protect m&d from that loud machine that leaves the yard better to run in but they don't seem to appreciate it. So after a couple of minutes I just go find some shade and watch dad walk back and forth making all that loud noise. He doesn't want to throw my ball or anything.

Mom made us communicate with the new pup in back and she is calling him Charlie. He's little and seems okay. He was howling so I guess he was locked outside. If your not use to it, it can really be a bummer. I know I don't like being locked out. Anyhow. mom made the 3 of us sit at the fence with him while he yelped and she talked sweet to him.

Lucky us though mom went and pulled out our pools!, woohoo!! I love cooling off in my pool 'cos when m&d stay outside for a long time it gets hot! Lucky me Ginger doesn't get in much and Sparky gets out when I get in so I get it to myself a lot and that is how I like it.

The most fun part of today though is m&d opened the fence and let us do our freedom run. I love that no leashes and we get to run all over the front yard after they finish doing their thing. Sparky though almost blew it for us because when mom called he ran into the street instead of down the sidewalk like we always do. Sure enough that cut our fun run short and they told us to go home which means we need to get back in the backyard quick.

Well we all cooled off on deck and they threw my ball a few times and the new pup's dad was home so mom stopped worrying about him and then we went into the ac to nap.

I may not like that noisy machine but I sure do like the fun we have afterwards. I guess that means no walk tonight. Oh well our yard is nice again, no poop and I can see my ball easier and run faster!

Hmm I think I want to go play... dad you ready?


I need to vent

Sparky here... I got in trouble today & mom spanked me!

I was just letting the new dude pup behind us know better than to mess with us but mom got mad. She talked to him, I guess his name is Charlie 'cos she kept calling him that. I just had to walk away 'cos she embarrassed me.

She put out the pools but I didn't feel like getting wet, I was still mad at her. Ginger is at the back with Charlie so I went to hang out with Crikit. She is all about the pool... I don't get it but whatever...

Sparky out 4 now...

Neighbor Pup is so cute...

Ginger here...

Looks as if the back neighbors left their new pup in the backyard alone for the first time. Golly he was howling and I felt bad. Mean ole Sparky came up to the fence where I was communicating with Charlie and Sparky barked real loud and scared both Charlie and me! Crikit then came over all alert but luckily mom came too. Crikit calmed and mom spanked Sparky and told him he was a bad boy. She started talking to Charlie and he came back to the fence and licked her finger. Sparky wanted to bark but mom kept her hand on him ready to spank.
Charlie came to the fence and he is so cute. Looks kinda like Snoopy but orange-ish brown and he has white paws. He was sad his family was away. I like him. I wish he could come in my yard and play. I hope he likes me and knows I'm the really nice one.

Ginger out for now mom's doing something with the pools...

Friday, September 14, 2007

finally an update!

So mom's our typist
she claims we're having computer problems
sure mom we think you just didn't feel like typing

we had good and bad weather
we got to play a lot and even at night, woohoo
mom has let us out front without our leashes a couple of times
m&d took us each for a long walk, separately
we got some new chews
one of us got in trouble for digging around the tree

and then the worst...
mom took our new friend Froggie to the front yard
but at least we got our watermelon fest!
hopefully she'll be better logging this week
if not we'll start barking loud again

chow 4 now... kids out

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mom's slacking

we have so much to tell you
but mom says she's busy
we'll get back to you soon
chow 4 now

Friday, September 7, 2007

We know about Friday's

we don't like that m&d don't take us with them on their 'Date Day'
When they get home we wait patiently for our bread sticks!
then we play! yeah!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dad home early yea! Play Time

Sparky & Ginger

Crikit & Sparky

Crikit & Little Ginger

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Gosh Mom

I was bummed

She gave me a swat today on my back-end. I didn't like it! Guess I won't go up the stairs unless she tells me. Why did they let me this weekend?

I was so glad when dad got home so I could get my frustration out and play. Oh and we had our watermelon fest! mmmm good more more...
Ginger is a diva and won't eat unless m&d make the pieces tiny so they melt in her mouth ~sigh~ kids and the boy well he tries to make m&d feel guilty if they don't keep giving him chunks. As for me I get real close and breathe on them... works every time!
Crikit out ...

Come on I wanna Play

Yesterday was yucky!
It rained and then it didn’t and mom let us out and then locked us in and she wouldn’t let us take our chews outside… it was boring but she did give us a taste of tuna mmmmm
When dad came home, he let us play, splash and bark a little till we got tired them they did the towel thing ugh… I think we all dread that but at least we got to play.
Before bed, m&d let us go out for nighttime play and they went with us! We ran and ran but they didn’t let us bark. It was to dark for dad to throw the ball but we all like being out at night… it’s so different...
Today is looking better and mom is letting us use our doggie door. The sun is out, new smells and puddles to splash in. Yay! gotta go! I'm ready to leave the building... one last peek

Ginger out...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Me and My Pool

... okay our pool
Awwwwh ... when I play hard, I need my pool folks
This is the life ~me~ my ball & my pool. I live for my ball. Currently tennis balls since I've conquered all other types of sport ball's. Yeah baby!
Today m&d mowed, it was HOT so I laid down in our 'dog-toy' pool so they would get the hint... bring out our doggie pool and fill it up! Well, they did and I was in heaven. I let Sparky lay in it too but when I get in he knows I'll just sit on him if he don't move. Good thing Ginger justs wets her paws and doesn't like to sit in it yet or I'd have to pull rank.
This is a dogs life - awwwwh - Crikit out...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yee-iips! mom's gone Crazy!

100th Post
She vacuumed us!
I didn't like it at first but it turned out to be kindda cool
Crikit freaked
Ginger well it's hard to describe how she reacted
but we all got treats after... that was good
oh I forgot
dad held each of us down one at a time - yup we stressed
mom then cut off our nails - what is up with her?!
don't tell...
but we all liked how our paws felt after we got away
they stayed outside with us a long time this morning
so now that we're in...we're going to nap
Chow for Now - Sparky out