Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ginger's Paw Print

Guess what M&D gave us some really tasty breakfast today; some kind of natural food on top of rice. I didn't really want any at first 'cos I didn't smell the flax oil but can you believe mom lifted my gum and stuck a kernel in and held my mouth shut! Gosh; well, it's okay though 'cos it turned out to be really good and we all wanted more!! I'm glad mom sits and watches us eat our treats 'cos Sparky eats fast and then he stares at me real hard so I will give him my food. Crikit just watches from afar, she never eats from my bowl but she lets me eat from hers... she's so nice to me.

Today we got to play in the pool and pop bubbles and M&D brought us some real treats! We got to taste some pancakes, sausage & beacon...Wow it was great! I so glad mom brings home doggy bags 'cos that means we get some extra treats if we haven't messed anything up while they were gone. Oh we also got some new food too, beef & cheese, some more chews and our dog crackers yeah! Loooove it! You guessed it, our tails were wagging today!
Oh and Sparky pulled the box with the leftover pot pie off the planting table, he's tall and strong 'cos there was a rock on it but he got caught and M&D made us come inside and go to bed, boys...
Okay, gotta go mom says I'm still a puppy and need my sleep and since the gates are up and the lights are out I better go...

Well, Bow Wow for Now - Ginger out...


The rain spit in our area but missed us... boo
Out for breakfast - boo on their coupon
Did the pick-up from Cyn and dropped the dress (tall one had some tude)

99' shop stop and later the groceries for sure
Fixed both front trees and lots of tabletop planting
The hub did the edging & reel JFTR

It sure is obvious I had 3-weeks of cabin fever
Yup, it's nice to be out in the world again; driving never felt so good!
Wow, all this planting? *Must have something to do with 'life'...
I'll think about that tomorrow; * I'm tired now...

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Room Store

Okay, where's the remote!!! **** I need the mute button!!!
I can no longer handle hearing the dialogue or the awful jingles on those commercials
Even the casting has some issues.
Better yet whats on the next channel?
***rating: * up chuck
Commercial Critic Out...


What the... that's it' back on our strict menu starting Sunday. It's obvious we strayed the wrong way since Father's Day but in our defense the meal was so good it sabotaged our healthy diet. We were happy with our health kick that we have been on for months! We lost weight with out exercising and without trying; we even allowed ourselves to eat out on weekends if we desired but...
the last two weeks we went crazy with fast food... ugh! We did BK & Mcy D today and it just has got to stop asap!! Once we shop either tomorrow or Sunday this will get back to normal guarantee!
Oh and what happen to the 70% chance of storms that made me cancel my plans... at least I got to do some table top planting and maintenance on the figs & glories , oh well...

Thursday, June 28, 2007


slap our hands we blew it tonight!!!!
actually we blew it several times this week ... whats up with us
boo hoo
at least we're drinking a heck of a lot of water to flush the junk
oh me oh my we're sick or at least I am...
large pizza, cupcakes (no icing though, that's good) and split a snickers
we really fell off the healthy eating wagon
we need to put ourselves in time out

So You Think You Can Dance

Can you imagine how great it would have been to see Pasha & Faina dance the cha cha
How sad we'll never know
I for one said Jessi should have been sent home instead of Faina
now look at the predicament!
Wish Jessi well but still what if...
The very first guy let go, the excuse was because he did not dance for his life
he did not show his talent in his solo
so why was it not the same for Jessi? Totally unfair practice...
Well, it was obvious Jessi would go.
We figured Jesus would since he didn't do himself justice.
This season is too close to call just yet!
CC out...

Heavy Rain!

OM golly, heavy heavy rain!
Dogs will not go potty, I even took them out with the umbrella!
History has it...
If it is raining hard they will not go out back to potty,
The front yard is bi-level with trees on the lower half that defuse the rain
so with the rock wall dividing the upper & lower section, their not as exposed
also we have the covered porch to wipe them dry
Crikit will #1 in the front yard & #2 only when she just can't hold anymore,
Sparky will only do #1 if he is about to explode,
Ginger is like 'what! people will see me, are you out of your human mind?!'
so continuous rain can be very trying in our house...
the past few days have been with dry out breaks
therefore, the dogs get to potty but today is rough...
get it ... ruff... lol
over 3 inches and the yard is now a lake

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Olympic Paint

Catchy music and very creative shadow acting
This commercial is about paint - paint
As I ponder on the subject and past "paint" commercials...
The creators did justice for Olympic Paint
They hit it out of the park.
rating 4.9 * 'Y' you ask - because they put a human at the end boo
Commercial Critic out...


Yes, we were prepared for the storm the TV was warning us about alllllll morning. Got hubby up early to get off to work to beat the weather... I went out at 6 AM still in my PJ's to secure everything outside and after sending the hubby off and getting dressed, I went back out to pick up the poop! Don't want it in the water so to speak...
So what did we get - wind and a short shower... storm my butt, now I have to move all the plants again so the Gingi doesn't chew on them! Hello weather whatup?

Sparky Speaking

i really love mom but she yelled at me for eating a vitamin...
i thought vitamins were good for you. well, i guess since technically they were hers that's why she was mad. now she's trying to make me drink water and i don't want to!

anyhow, Ginger chewed the bottle last night... why isn't she getting in trouble, then she put them under her fluff pad and when i got hungry this morning i moved the pad and started chomping; kind of orange chewy but before i could eat them all, mom grabbed them and started yelling at me... somehow that doesn't seem fair.

okay so yesterday i ate one and threw up but i think it was because it didn't go with my carrots i had that morning, but i felt fine afterwards... give me a props for trying to be healthy mom, golly

bow wow for now... Sparky out...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


cut pots & placed all but three
mailed the 'i'
slap our hands we did the Mc'y D again


Wow it actually makes me happy
don't have to water so smaller water bill
summer heat is reduced from 90 something to 80 something
it's cool, cloudy and breezy
so except the dogs...
I do believe I like this daily rain thing.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Reality TV - Monday's

The -3- we channeled surfed
Hell's Kitchen this season is crazy, we are so addicted and we don't understand why; we're backing the short-order cook to win... you go girl!
Science of Love: found it interesting and hope to hear a future update on the couple
Age of Love: Ugh, to take up the airwaves space with a repeat and then the following hour too; still think it should include his own age group, glanced at it during Hell's commercials; ?Y? I ask
CC Out...


So bad - Mc'y D... oh yeah... forgot, the small frosty mix too but that was a celebration whim


dogs played stupid again
got soaked and then came in to mud up the kitchen floor...ugh!
and whats with it raining practically sideways
the measuring cup won't read true
but the rain was a good omen so alls okay
at least we don't have to water

Psst... life

This morning I called and had my appointment rescheduled an hour and 20 minutes earlier than the original. On the way there I was rushing 'cos I appreciated receiving the earlier appt. and I didn't want to be late. Wouldn't you know it, when I arrived all stressed since I have been waiting for 3-weeks for my lab news, I get the message that the doctor is running and hour late... ugh! Yeah for the people who were having there baby... can't help but think - if a new life is coming into the world could that mean someone is leaving simultaneously? could my news be that...

So I wait and I wait and I wait praying and hating the twisting knots in my stomach! I thought about my mom most of the time because she went through almost 5-years of this horrible roll-a-coaster. I wish she had let me help...

Turns out that the earlier appointment was never recorded at the reception desk and the technician put my file back in the later slot! ?Y? today was not the day to do that... thank goodness God lets us talk to him all we want 'cos I was chattering away; it was a difficult day.

Psst... Glory to God

I will admit, *sigh*
I am apprehensive to the point my stomach is reacting...
I pray I'll be sharing good news
Our Heavenly Father bestowed a blessing on me
prayers answered!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


fixed the mower and finished the other half of the back yard

dogs really happy

smart clippings decision and canopy up

i'm really happy

happy feet!


Oh my gosh hard rain drops & wind!
We were in the middle of tabletop planting and got .25 inches,
within minutes!
dogs got stupid again
I just don't like that I have to raise my voice to get them inside...ugh!
I seem to be the one barking loud instead of them...

Saturday, June 23, 2007


left when it was sunny
put the pool out for the dogs
closed the doggy door
went to do errands
weather seemed nice
arrived home to wet streets
apparently a gully washer hit
even though it only measured 0.125
dogs were soaked!
whatever am i going to do with them
mud prints on door showed they tried to get in
but they didn't run for cover!


Lawn mower trouble can be so frustrating
At least we got the front yard done & part of the back for the

Feeling much better
Drove for the 1st time in 3-weeks
snack run, mow, 99', gas, lowe's

Friday, June 22, 2007

Rain Drops

Best described as spit 'cos is barely registers


I love Friday's...

  • Tequila Grill for dinner... okay but probably won't return
  • Called and adjusted the mortgage, Erica was great
  • Insurance check returned... yeah!
  • Printed so many bingo cards we ran out of ink, lol

Thursday, June 21, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

Boo judges... you released the wrong girl & the wrong guy tonight
though i loved Jessies' Wednesday performance, her solo was pathetic
Sedricks' solo dance, yes unique but he lacks the potential for other styles
CC Out...


at least* .5 8 inches
my grass is happy!
BUT not the dogs
they have cabin fever
but let them out to splash in the puddles...
dogs happy, me not so much!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Happy Birthday Cyn!
Hope you liked our serenade...
kitchen table - ugh!


We need it yeah!
2" plus according to the rain cup gage
1.5 according to the rain tube
16 oz. cup overflowed
dogs totally confused
they were trying to run from the rain instead of just coming in when i called
they're usually so smart...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Age of Love - TV Reality?

I hate to admit we watched but since we don't have cable there's not much to choose from however, that doesn't make it any less of a ridiculous reality show.
  • Did you see his reaction every time the 40 something stated her age and his comments when they weren't in hearing range... come on
  • And like Kelly Rippa said... when I was 20 I couldn't wait to stand around in my bikini in heels and hula hoop... lol and is he trying to kill off the older ones on the type of date that was arranged
  • If he is 30 something what about his own age group? maybe that's coming but really...

CC Out...

Monday, June 18, 2007

'Get There' - Golf Ball

Almost got it right...
"I'm done" **would have perfected the commercial, if only...
whispering "fore" with a close-up of a taunting eyebrow lift and a smirk smile...
where's the vision?
'get there' **just doesn't do it for this new golf ball...

I really like this commercial that played all through the US Open... a female golfer is at the driving range and aims for the grounds keeper no matter where he is; there is obvious time lapse and different locations where the grounds keeper gets hit and even her husband recognizes the intensity and asks 'are you ready to go yet?' and the viewer figures out she is stalking the grounds keeper all the way home till the ball lands in his coffee. It gets a giggle but its like doing a great presentation and dropping the ball so to speak during the close. I wish they would re-dub the last line. The message is about a new ball and having it reach the point your aiming; adding the line brings a bit of humor and memorability to the moment.

rating: ^^4.9-stars

Commercial Critic Out...

Friday, June 15, 2007

AT&T - Rethink Your Ads

Okay I finally decided I need to write about the AT&T cell phone commercials...
You know how AT&T is promoting their service by implying that you will experience dropped calls from all other service and not theirs well...
The Vegas one is definitely one of the good ones... I get the grins and spurts of giggles for many minutes after. The mother last statement "Jennifer don't make the same mistake I did" because she thinks her daughter is going to get married makes the commercial. My hubby's reaction makes me laugh even more because of the looks and comments he makes every time he sees me giggle over that commercial. But since I don't like the look of the couple in Vegas...
rating: * 4.5-stars

The next day call after the first date is pretty good too... mainly because of the guy's believable acting skills, the look, body language and the cracking voice is superb
rating: 8 4-stars

The girl receiving flowers from her boyfriend and letting her mind wonder about the intent is stupid... the insecurity thing blows it, I don't like the momentary feeling of discuss
rating: 8 boo

The commercial where the lady is telling her husband their having a baby should be pulled. pregzilla is a major turnoff... it makes you feel for the hubby; it leads you to believe she was a bridezilla and makes you think of the crazy lady rather than cell phone service.
rating: 8 AX

The boss complimenting the employee just leaves you discussing the stupid things the employee says afterwards that would blow any promotion if the boss could still hear her; yet again 'not' leaving you with the thought of cell phone service
rating: * 1-star

The father-in-law talking with his son in law who puts his foot in his mouth isn't bad because you discuss how lucky he was that the connection did drop, I'll be nice...
rating: 8 3-stars

Theme of ads not good... will it promote customer change, most likely not

Commercial Critic Out

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wagging Tails - The Stats

So you want to know about the kids... Crikit, Sparky & Ginger... well...

i am Crikit

  • my nicknames are black beauty, big black baby, tank (h-dad) tankette (h-mom), bull in china shop (h-mom), psycho (h-dad), big girl and precious
  • i weigh about 65 lbs.
  • i am part border collie & sheppard/wolf
  • i am predominately black with a white tip tail, white on my chest, golden eyes and really distinctive ears; by that i mean they are pointed, big and h-dad calls them antennas
  • i bark the loudest, scare people easily and sound like a race horse when i run and know lots of tricks, my favorite is slamming my food bowl right in front of h-mom & dad when i'm hungry... works every time
  • i have lived here 3-years, fathers day is my anniversary date

i am Sparky

  • my nicknames are baby boy, son, handsome, big boy, tarzan, sparks (dad), sparkles (gosh mom)
  • i weigh about 51 lbs.
  • i am described as part greyhound & lab though some people think a little ridgeback
  • i am blonde, brown, black, white and have lovable brown eyes and pretty teeth
  • i leap the highest in my family, play football with my h-dad and leap to pop bubbles
  • i have lived here 2-years, june 4rd is my anniversary because of nana's memorial service

i am Ginger

  • my nicknames are gingi, baby ginger, angel baby, ginger cookie, baby cakes and piglet
  • i weigh about 30 lbs.
  • i think i'm part fox, part terrier, possibly part sheppard but i definitely have a fox like tail
  • i am black with reddish, brownish and whiteish understones, i really look like a little Crikit but i have mysterious chocolate brown eyes and i have perfect teeth and a great smile
  • i am the best alert dog, love to play and chase Crikit & Sparky, airplanes, butterflies and birds, really anything that fly's especialy bubbles, i stand on my back legs a lot
  • i have lived here 1-year and my anniversary date is earth day, to be exact april 22nd

Wagging Tails 3 - Ginger

hi my name is Ginger
i have a big sister named Crikit and a big brother named Sparky
here is my story...
i was just a pup and got lost from my home over a year ago
i was picked up by the dog catcher and was so scared
because i was just weeks old i was sent to a foster home
that's where i met Lucy, she was my age
i think she was an orange chow mix
the pound named me Ethel, yuck
i was black with reddish brown undertones and a pinch of white
i was kept in a pen with Lucy and we had fun together
while i was there i got mange
that wasn't so fun but i got medicine
one day in april, earth day celebration to be exact
Lucy and i were taken to the park and put in our pen
we played while people oowed & aawed over us
Lucy and i wrestled and slept off & on in between interruptions
well, Lucy was taken out of the pen by a couple of kids
turns out her new family was lived far away from our city
since she was moving far away i had to say goodbye forever
the family saw her picture on a website and drove a long way to adopt her
she was going to be loved by a little girl & boy whose mother was very ill
i was taken from our pen at the same time too
a blue-eyed lady and a brown eyed man
they put an umbrella over me to shade me from the hot sun, that was great
i cuddled in their arms and the next thing you know i was in a car
i was confused so i just laid very still
when the car stopped a green-eyed girl and her mother came out to see me
i didn't know what was going on so i pretended i was too tired to wake up
but i really liked the petting...
next time the car stopped i met two big dogs
one was brownish and the other looked like a big me!
they didn't want to come near me... they were weird acting
so i stayed near my new h-mom & dad
i slept so much and itched a lot that my h-mom took me to the doctor
she was proud of me 'cos apparently i walk good on a leash
at the doctors i heard people say 'what a good little dog' 'cos i just sat and starred
they didn't know i wasn't feeling good
turns out i still had mange and a bad case of tape worms
but after all the medicine i felt great
i jumped, ran and chased the other dogs
totally loving my new home!
later i learned when my h-mom & dad first saw me they wanted me
they thought i looked liked a puppy would if...
Crikit & Sparky would have had a pup
h-mom & dad were at the park to get free trees when h-mom said
lets go look at the adoptee dogs
when they saw me they both thought i looked like their two at home
dad wanted me right away!
but after they first saw me my h-mom said 'lets wait'
**oh my gosh**
they left and walked around looking at all the booths discussing me
when they came back to look at me again i was gone
they were disappointed but when they walked away they found me
i was being carried by a little girl who wanted me
the foster lady said 'i thought you left, do you still want her?'
they said they felt better that someone was interested
they were going to let them have me
the mother of the little girl didn't really want to adopt me though...
i didn't know what was going on so it was okay that they put me back
with Lucy
i didn't see the lady and man for a long time after that
i learned that my h-mom was really hesitant to adopt me
because they already had two dogs that were already trained
and she felt it would be hard for one person to pet all three the same time but...
h-dad kept asking 'aren't we going to get her?'
so she told my h-dad...
' lets go put the trees in the car and if she is still there when we get back we will adopt her'
apparently h-dad walked really fast because they parked far away
he really wanted me!
next thing you know...
life's good...

Sparky ~ My Story

hi my name is Sparky
i have a big sister named Crikit & a little one we call Ginger
here's my story...

2+ years ago
my mother, my siblings & i were picked up and taken to ADL
(animal defence league)
we were just born
i was soon heart broken when they separated us after a short bit
i never saw my mother again
1 by 1 my sibs left till i was all alone, very sad and very scared
i was put in a cold room in a metal cage
people were staring at me all light long. i got very sick
i was moved to a hospital cage and things were done i didn't like,
all alone, my heart hurt and i felt horrible
i now know, i had signs of parvo
when they thought i was better
they put me back in the cold room cage
i knew i would cry forever
every time it was light all these faces
plus all these fingers pointed at me all light long
eyes staring... please stop, go away
i just wanted to disappear, life was horrible and i felt horrible
the horrible noise from the bags
the bags take my mess away but the noise scares me
to my soul
hours after leaving the hospital cage
this blue-eyed lady & brown eyed man peeked in at me
the lady had a soft voice and the man sounded nice
i don't care i'm tired of all the faces & fingers...
after all i've only been alive maybe 7-weeks
and life seems horrible!
the door opened, a hand came towards me and grabed me... help!
the rubbings not so bad but i still wanted to get away can't they tell...
they put me back and closed my door and i went back to my corner
i watched them talking to the other puppies but
they didn't open any cubbies
then... they were gone
i wanted the light to go away so the faces would stop looking at me
i wanted to sleep forever
oh no the lady & man were back... why?
the lady seemed sad kinda like me
so i made an effort to creep up to her
this time she held me
i like them but i think it's safer just to be left alone
when they put me back, i wondered why my sibs weren't put back?
i think i'll sleep, i won't see the faces...
wait, what's happening, where are you taking me, oh no
this room is different, lots of faces, so much noise
i don't see cages hey i see the lady and the man, why out here?
hmmm, the man is reaching for me... i think i like him, i don't know
uh oh he's now taking me outside, why? i don't understand
the smells are different, where are they taking me?
i'm so scared i'm shaking, at least he's being nice to me
they put me in a big cage with them instead of my cold cubby
this cage moves and the man is holding me tight
when it stops they open the cage and i was put down
here's my chance i should run but where? i saw bushes...
i knew to hide
i listened as they told some humans about being sad and visiting ADL
they said they were looking for a little black girl puppy
but when they saw me well...
they said i was going to help the heart; what does that mean?
i now know the day before, they buried the lady's mommy.
i tried to move quickly through the bushes
but they caught me and put me back in the moving cage
we went to another place
this one had a big black doggie, i was glad to see this doggie
they were calling it Crikit, a girl doggie yeah!
well, i quickly decided i wanted to stay with Crikit
she didn't seem to want to be around me, i didn't undersatnd
i didn't feel good but i liked her and this place
so much better than the scary cold cubby
they were trying to make Crikit play with me but she wouldn't
turns out i was really sick and Crikit knew it!
well sad blue-eyed lady & brown-eyed man
lucky for me, became my new h-parents!
but when h-mom took me back to ADL the next day
i was scared she was going to leave me!
it turned out okay, they gave me lots of medicine cos i had
kennel cough, worms plus an ear infection!
the medicine made me feel better.
h-mom brought me back to the place with Crikit

i just wanted to be next to Crikit
but h-mom & dad wanted to play with me lots plus
they called me all kinds of odd names, i don't know why...
but one day h-mom said a name i liked, i ran to her wagging my tail
she was so surprised because i did my best to stay away from them
you see i was all about Crikit
mom figured since i ran to her when she said*'Sparky' *that i liked it
well she was right and that's how i got my name
it sure beat my ADL name Gunther
or the name my h-mom & dad kept calling me, Bandit

i think cos i am gold, brown, with a black mask and i sneak off with things
the other names they tried on me well, i just ignored
i guess i would have been okay with Tarzan since i like to leap through the air
but i took matters into my own paws and let them know what i liked

and that's the way it was...
June 4th, 2005 is my 4-ever home day!
Sparky ~ aka ~ Spartacus
i am loved

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wagging Tails 1 - Crikit

hi, my name is Crikit
i have a little brother named Sparky and a little sister we call Ginger
here's my story...
i joined h-mom & h-dad 3-years ago; it was a confusing time for me...
i was with my mom Chula (wolf & Shepard), my dad (border collie)
my siblings & i playing wild and free, then...
i am in a new house with cats & a pretty dog name Bella
a couple of birds, a ginnie pig and a green eyed girl ewing & awing over me
her mom is making something called a doggy pack for me...
what is going on?????
i think best to just watch 'cos i think i'm a little scared...
oh my, we are at another house that has lots of dogs
everyone is owing & awing over me
this is too confusing so i am going to pretend i am sleeping
oh my golly who are all these people? then...
a blue eyed lady and a brown eyed man show up
the green eyed girl puts me in the arms of the brown eyed man
i hear...
Happy Father's Day!
he really likes me i can tell but i'm not sure about the blue eyed lady...
i end up leaving with them and the next house had no dogs
okay i am tired of not playing so here goes
jump, jump, leap, jump, leap
i like this place, miss my sibs but i like all the attention!
uh oh gotta go
yikes blue eyed lady mad, brown eyed man nice
i'm happy
jump, leap, jump, jump, leap
i love my crab toy, it was in that doggy pack
wow big yard, they seem to want me to do my business out there
for all to see! yuck!
but i do 'cos blue eyed lady is scary when i don't
we haven't gone to any more houses so i guess this one is mine
they kept calling me 'Crikit'
so i figured that was my new name
i think because i jump a lot plus i'm almost all black
their teaching me things like
no, stop, potty, sit and other things
i must be smart 'cos i learned them all really fast
i wanna stay!
happy day!
they let me stay!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Crikit's Tail

i loved my basketball; i ran, attacked then body slammed it! wag wag
i learned to carry it, (dog proud moment), here dad wag wag
pop!... it bores me now... whats next? wag wag
mean kids in back grrrrrr, i'll get you one day...
yeah dad, soccur ball... goody easy to carry
easy to rip... loooooovvve it!
insides good... ruf... whats next dad?
saucer? it needs my touch chomp chomp
now it looks nice... dad heres my saucer feed me
okay throw it ... hmmm it flys, okay i'll go get it
here dad feed me now
dad why are you throwing my food bowl?
okay i'll go get it....
dad stop throwing my food bowl
what do you think it is a flying saucer?
i'm taking it back in the house ruf
hey golf balls, easy.. chomp chomp gone, wag wag
here dad, look whats inside...
hey dad... daad... i guess i'll find something
oh wait mean kids ball over the fence, ruf ruf ruf
demolish it, yeah! wag wag... okay showed them
happy day wag wag wag wag
bored, dad could you remove it from my kingdom, thanks
baseball wag wag wag wag time me ruf ruf
okay seam gone ruf ruf wag wag twine? okay -wow- run
what happen, wheres the ball? daaad
oh hugh pink thing ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf... grrrrrr
oh my golly ruf ruf ruf ruf wild big pink thing ruf ruf ruf
okay stand on hine paws... ready... attack big round thing
yipes... POP!
take that snif snif, not me dad wag wag wag
less then 5... high paw
tennis ball, whats this dad? its cool
mine mine mine mine run attack... gottcha
here dad wag wag wag wag throw it
mine mine mine mine run attack... gottcha
here dad wag wag wag wag throw it already
mine mine mine mine run attack... gottcha
dad hurry throw it
mine mine mine mine run attack... gottcha
again dad
mine mine mine mine run attack... gottcha
come on dad again ruf wait, dad ruf throw it ruf
I wanna still play, daaaaad
okay fine chomp chomp chomp oops! it pops?
oh no... dad do you have another one?


Lost the appeal with the tax office today... * booo hooo

Both felt down, so dragged ourselves to see*8 "Shrek III"__entertaining
excuse: **had tickets we had to use anyway before the end of the month

Still*blue*so we stuffed at a pizza buffet & then brought one home...
******whats up with that! 8**Really! 8*we've been so good... ugh!
excuse: **haven't had pizza in forever... I now remember Y ...

DOGS & I: **Happy the Dad is home, sleeping but still happy he took the v-day!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Philsbury - So gooood

"oh, oh, oh, its magic, you know....." ****good jingle/song
Have you heard it/seen it?... The song made me Look and WoW I want a brownie NOW... without saying a word Philsbury got me to look and drool... that is brand power! You go little Dough Boy. Yup I want one, I want one, I want one now, did I mention I want one...
Rating... a 5-star want!
Drooling CC out...

Golf Lovers - Laugh

You know I cannot remember ever seeing a bad “golf” commercial or maybe I just blocked out those I didn’t like. I think it’s great that it is the one sport oh… correction athletic activity (so I can be politically correct) that reaches across the generations. I just saw the funniest cross over commercial between hearing aides and golf… what a giggle!

Watch for it! The ‘mature’ player cannot hear other players yelling “fore” and several flying balls hits him every time throughout the entire course play. It’s as if he is a magnet for every flying ball in the air. He’s desperate by the end of the commercial… those things can really hurt! It's a cleaver ad for the Miracle hearing aide! *Good one… rating – 5 stars!

Commercial Critic out...

Friday, June 8, 2007

Save A Life Today


Have The Power!

Did you know 1-pint of blood can save (3) people?

60% of our Nation are eligible but only 5% donate!

You can donate every 56-days, six (6) times a year...


Donate today, "YOU" will save a life!

The most compassionate and selfless act you can do...


DANNON - Funny Mix-up

Something went wrong… 2-commercials… Hmmm maybe it was just me but something definitely went wrong but all-in-all, we got a good laugh plus some health benefits to boot.

Heard of Activia and ‘the challenge’ you know, take it for just two weeks and you will feel better or your money back?

How about the DanActive with the immunitas; the family drinking it while dad is reading about it?

Well, how is it that my hubby & I were out shopping at one of those warehouse grocery stores and when we came across DanActive in bulk sale we thought, oh 2-week challenge! We didn’t read the print we just immediately agreed to purchase 2-weeks worth for the both of us. At least we would have something in the event we missed a sit down breakfast. Okay, so we tossed 4-weeks worth into the basket and merrily went along. By the way, it tastes good especially the blueberry. It took over a week though ha ha, before we realized we crisscrossed the commercials! We purchased the brand with immunitas thinking we were getting the product for the de-bloat challenge. What a giggle we got when the light bulb came on… maybe they need to make one for memory boost ha ha!

At least they were both DANNON products so the company doesn’t lose out. Anyhow, my dilemma: How and why did the both of us experience the confusion? What could the two commercials do different to keep the consumer (me) from going awry? I’ll have to get back to you on that one. I have to pay attention to detail now when they come on!
Smiles, Commercial Critic Out…

Thursday, June 7, 2007

1st Day

My husband loves the idea that I am finally opening a blog. I have been talking about it for years and decided it is over due to give my man a break and relieve him from participating in anymore deep discussions over my commercial issues. So here goes…

Have you ever seen a commercial and thought wow great commercial, they got it right, someone deserves a raise? Or one which, you can’t help but say ‘what were they thinking’ or ‘what was that about?’ How about the ones that almost got it right and if a direct phone line existed, to inform the agency of a revision that could perfect it, wouldn't that be great or one that needs pronto removal from airwaves? Well, as a consumer I would like to give some companies constructive counsel...
Current favorite commercial: Love it, makes me laugh out loud; I comment how great it is every time it’s on… I could see it often and even though I love it, it does need a little improving. I recently learned 'the pack' is chicken but from the first time I saw it, I knew it had a catchy cheer and beat that gets me moving, ‘they’ casted a superb Asian Actress who steals the show but since I get so caught up in the Actress jiving to the beat with the pack, I don't seem to hear the name of the product! Oh my gosh, I don’t even see the other silent actress with the salad in front of her! The best part of the whole commercial is the actress’ desire to jive with the cheerleaders and grabs ‘the pack’ and shake it to the beat onto her friends salad while watching the simulated cheer group with such excitement! And then the ‘whoa’ in the face of her salad friend is to die for! I’m smiling just writing about it… the way she whoa’s at her salad friends face gives me the ha ha’s from the deep down!! Someone deserves a raise even though the purpose of the commercial is…what is the name of the product? Good work anyway First Place* with slight room for improvement.

Keeping on the same ‘chicken pack’ commercial the new version with the admin having salad at her desk and the office co-workers getting ridiculous when she opens 'the pack', well… at least I learned that it was a pack of chicken that the Asian Actress was shaking otherwise ‘Don’t like it’ and still am not sure of the product name… sorry

Type more soon... **Commercial Critic Out...

Special Note: Prayers for Kelsey’s family, I know that type of pain from losing a loved one; also for Madeline’s family and our Nation’s Soldiers.

The dogs are barking; **Chow for now…