Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank You & Happy Heart's Day

Thank you all and may you all be blessed with more then you could ever dream of ~
we thank you for all the prayers and they helped more then we can say.

mommy is doing better and her spirits are better and her hard stitches came out today and were replaced with topical stitches and then 3 painful steroid shots but she told us over and over again that all the prayers worked!! Thank you friendzees because she said the procedure was painful but not as horrible as the first one. More shots next week but for now she is just really sore.

We haven't had access to the Internet but that's because money is going to the doctors so furgive us if we don't get to visit ya'll unless mommy is up to going to the library until payday comes.

Oh most important, our hearts go out to all our Aussie friendzees
~ we've been praying during all our waking hours ~
We love you ALL
Have a Happy Heart's Day
Love Crikit, Sparky & Ginger