Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It has been over a year since our beloved Spartacus left for the bridge leading to God's Garden ...

It still seems as if it were just weeks ago however, the acceptance which is needed to move forward in life has begun. There are still moments of unexpected breakdowns but when that happens the girls Crikit and Ginger seem to know and rush to my side. We recently planted one of my favorite types of trees in the front yard which, of course we named Spartacus and to our surprise, though we had our first hard freeze and we were worried about our tree due to the recent planting, our tree bloomed 2 flower clusters instead of losing leaves like all the other trees in the yard!!  It chokes me up just to think about the beautiful and shocking surprise. Nonetheless, we thank all of you for the prayers back then and kind words.

We believe this is a turning point in the healing process and hope to get motivated to blog again and possibly activate our tweet account again. This is the first step right? :)

Merry Christmas
Wishing you all a Blessed Healthy and Happy New Year