Sunday, October 28, 2007

tired... yup all of us

m & d outside almost all day and we're all tired...
they did all these transplants of these purple things, replanted some things, fed plants & trees, i heard them say mulch a lot and they did things in the back too plus they broke the weed eater; good thing it's so loud
Ginger got to go out front for a long bit
Crikit out front for a little bit
I Spartacus monitored the back

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Woof Woof ~ Opy!

Hi Opy!
It was great for you to sniff on by!
We like your blog and we left our paw print. Hopefully, mom (our typist) will get back to posting for us ... we have soooo many drafts and pictures we want her to put up...
but at least they make time to play with us till we're worn out everyday!
Well, bow wow for now New Friend...
Lot of Love Licks ~ The Gang wagging out!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here we go again...

moms putting our blog on the back burner again... we still have drafts that need to be finished... wish one of us could type but our paws hit lots of buttons at once... just don't work

Friday, October 19, 2007

Paws can hamper posting

we all crashed most of the day...

Thursday mom forgot to even post to our blog... it's hard for our paws to work the keyboard so mom is SUPPOSE to be our typist *sigh*

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mom a Llasa Apso??

ahem... mom took a "What kind of Dog would you be?" test and it said:

Llasa Apso The Lhasa Apso may be petite, but she is one tough cookie. Always ready to romp, her daily exercise requirements may leave her companions winded. Fond of her loved ones, she is likely to cuddle up with them at night, content to be doted on. Her long coat requires regular maintenance but is sure to turn heads when properly styled. The rambunctious little Lhasa Apso has a well-earned reputation for her lovability.
Now we have to get dad to take it.... interesting

Friday, October 12, 2007

Special Treat Day

for M & D it's Date Day but for us...
'doggy bag'
~ aka ~
Special Treat Day!
you go mom & dad

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I couldn't help it ~

Yah it's me again... Ginger
when mom turned on the light i ran to her 'cos i knew she was gonna be mad. she patted my head and i thought 'oh good' but then she took a couple of more steps into the kitchen and she stopped and made a loud sigh. i ran up to her and got in my apology position and laid my ears back and gave her my puppy eyes but she didn't even look at me... so i tried to do it all over again but more in front of her but she didn't even look at me!

the scary thing was she didn't even say anything so i stood up on my back legs and rubbed my front paws on her and she didn't even look at me so even though my legs didn't want to stand anymore i repositioned and kept rubbing my paws on her and then i saw her put her hand on her hip and i got scared so i got down but then... i went to the other side and got in my squat apology position again and when i looked up at her she put her hand on my head but she didn't look at me so i started shaking a little but she didn't notice so i shook really hard and she gave me an okay look and patted my head and walked away.

i was really unsure of the situation so i went to my bed. mom then dropped a big bowl of rice and then she seemed mad.

we all followed her to the front door so we could say goodbye to dad. dad though told us to get in the kitchen but none of us moved and then oh my gosh his loud voice said 'WHAT's THIS' and i knew i needed to crawl into mom lap 'cos he sounded mad and Crikit and Sparky went and sat by the front door and just stared at me like they were tattle tailing... gosh guys but when dad came back around the corner he didn't say much but after her patted me on the head i figured all was okay.

what is wrong with me... can i help it if i am so curious and the bag smells good? after all it was only recycle stuff... i don't see what the big deal is... hmmm

Sparky here...

yup she did it again but lucky us mom just stared and huffed oh and she put her hand on her hip and her head was shaking. Crikit and I just stayed on our beds and waited but mom didn't do anything. But minutes later she dropped the bowl of rice and lucky us we got to eat it!

Then we went to the front door and waited for dad to rub us goodbye and like usual Crikit and Ginger ran out for a quick pee and i stayed by mom to get my private time.

It was cool out so mom left our door open and once dad was gone mom went up and we went out to check the yard. I was still tired so I came in and took my morning nap or at least that's what mom calls it... so bark at ya later

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wagging Tails ~ A Visitor!

Percy came to visit!

We like him and how fun, he likes to frog hunt too!
He just had a party and his mom baked him a doggie cake
She even put up some treat recipes
if you want them go check out our friend Percy
He's like us: the four-legged children of the house
and showered with love!
I hope mom try's the recipes... mmmmm
it's the least she could do since she hasn't updated our blog
whatta ya think mom...
and what happen to our posts anyway???

Tuesday Tales

Ginger : mom took me out while she was doing something in her car and while I was checking out the yard I saw a big orange dog walking towards me with a man. I don't know why but the man decided to cross the street to our side. I didn't like that and got close to mom just in case... the big orange thing seemed tired 'cos he was drooling and didn't even notice me... I didn't like how the man looked but I watched till they were out of site phew close call


Crikit : mom made a double decker pillow for me to lounge on and with treats in my belly I'll just rest till my dad comes home to play, after all I already had to chase the street sweeper away from the fence!


Sparky : I like to watch over the girls so sometimes I'm in the house to lounge with Crikit and sometimes I sunbathe to monitor Ginger. Today is such a relaxing day not too hot... it rained yesterday, I hope it does again... I don't understand why mom won't let me bark at Charlie go figure... hope dad comes home soon I'm in the mood to play...


Friday, October 5, 2007

Date Day for M&D

Well today is Friday which means mom and dad will leave us for awhile

It's their Date Day... at least they will come back with special treats for us... boy we sure do love 'doggy bags'

Thursday, October 4, 2007

we can be crazy around here...

Today Crikit must have been out of her mind ~ lucky she didn't get in trouble ~ dad caught her peeking in the bathroom at him upstairs!!! He didn't even call her up, she snuck up and then went into their bedroom and peeked at dad. I guess since she stayed on the carpet protector is why she didn't get in trouble.... dang not me.

Today I played football a different way with dad... it was so fun it was with my bone instead of my big ball... I love to hear dad yell "hut hut" I bark my commands and then I jump but this time he said I was off sides but I was really teasing him by thinking "you can't get me fat man" hehe, I jumped at him instead of jumping for the ball... if he knew I called him fat he might not play with me again... ah dad I just playing... i like to jump up and try and lick his mouth and he then runs from me hehe, I think he like me to chase him

I gotta get mom to take pictures so you can see... football is so fun

well bow wow for now Sparky out

Today started off scary...

I couldn't help it. The stuff in the bag smelt so good and well mom left it out so I think that meant she wanted me to go through it.
I was wrong 'cos she turn on the light this morning and she sounded really loud and she was saying Y-Y-Y bad dogs bad dogs. Crikit stayed on her pillow and Sparky got far away from the door and I was going to but sometimes she stops the loud voice if I go up to her and give her my puppy eyes... it didn't work~ she stayed loud for a long time! I got so scared I piddled oops 3 times! I stopped trying to give her my puppy eyes because she got louder every time I oopsed so I ran to my bed. Her eyes looked sccccary!
Mom opened the door and made us go out and it was still dark! The sun was still sleeping but she said get out and she closed the big door so we couldn't even go back in through our door!
The worst thing was we didn't get to say goodbye to dad :( and after dad left she opened the door and Crikit went in and didn't come back out and then Sparky so I went in too and mom didn't say anything... all my stuff was gone! Mom closed the big door, closed the gate and turned out the light so we all just laid there and listened till she made it all the way up the stairs ~whew~ at least she stopped the loud voice.
After the sun was out for a long time mom came back into the kitchen and she seemed fine. I guess everything is okay now 'cos she opened the big door and we all went out our door. Oh the weather was nice.
Later mom took me out front to look for acorns it was fun. She later took Crikit out and made me stay in but Sparky didn't want to go out front oh well. The rest of the day was a lazy day, we all laid around until the loud truck came by then we all chased it away! But when dad got home yeehaw it was time to play!!!!
We got really really great treats today other than our usual ones... we got sausage and crackers!
Well, it's getting late and m&d are getting ready to close the gates because they made us stop frog hunting and come inside so I have to go but I can tell you this, I think I'll just skip looking in the bag tonight 'cos I don't like moms loud voice.

bow wow for now ~ Ginger out...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ginger here

Today I went out front with mom to hunt acorns... mom said I did good off my leash and I didn't even boof at the two people that walked by. She even took a picture of me!

Later she let me go with her down the street to the mail box and off the leash too! Only thing though, she made me wear my necklace. At least it has a pretty heart on it.

Crikit and Sparky acted mad at me when I got back but Crikit likes to chase loud trucks and little dogs so she has to be on a leash. Sparky, well mom called him for his turn to go out and hunt acorns but he didn't want to leave Crikit. I wish you could hear my sarcasm... oh well I got to go out instead... hmph
Have I told you that when dad gets home it's the best! It's play time and then we never know who gets to go on the evening walk... I hope it's me tonight but mom keeps telling Sparky it's his turn. The only good thing, if I don't get to go it's play time again when they get home because m&d go out on deck and watch us frog hunt. gotta go treat time! Ginger out...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

SPLAT treats!

Update: someone got a treat and it wasn't us, at least we can uncross our tails now

our tails are crossed


makes it kinda hard to wag but...
we want to win!!
if you want a treat too
go to
Splat Designs... cool name

Monday was tuff

Crikit here...

i hope you went to the store mom 'cos we ran out of treats!
i searched and searched...

but i only got crumbs...
but then i saw a couple of more but there hard to get to

and well, they don't taste the same

Mmooooom were out of treats!

Tuesday Tidbits

mmm that sounds like food
hey Sparky here...

or Sparks if you want or even SPARTACUS eew that sounds powerful right? i like when dad calls me that but can you believe mom sometimes calls me Sparkles and that's just not cool.
well, mom gave me a chew but she called me Sparkles ugh that's a girls name. can you tell i's ain't happy?
so i just stared at it 'cos I wasn't happy with the Sparkles thing...

okay okay i chew it if that makes ya happy... but i'm still kinda mad ~

Sparks out... i got business to tend to