Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sparky ~ My Story

hi my name is Sparky
i have a big sister named Crikit & a little one we call Ginger
here's my story...

2+ years ago
my mother, my siblings & i were picked up and taken to ADL
(animal defence league)
we were just born
i was soon heart broken when they separated us after a short bit
i never saw my mother again
1 by 1 my sibs left till i was all alone, very sad and very scared
i was put in a cold room in a metal cage
people were staring at me all light long. i got very sick
i was moved to a hospital cage and things were done i didn't like,
all alone, my heart hurt and i felt horrible
i now know, i had signs of parvo
when they thought i was better
they put me back in the cold room cage
i knew i would cry forever
every time it was light all these faces
plus all these fingers pointed at me all light long
eyes staring... please stop, go away
i just wanted to disappear, life was horrible and i felt horrible
the horrible noise from the bags
the bags take my mess away but the noise scares me
to my soul
hours after leaving the hospital cage
this blue-eyed lady & brown eyed man peeked in at me
the lady had a soft voice and the man sounded nice
i don't care i'm tired of all the faces & fingers...
after all i've only been alive maybe 7-weeks
and life seems horrible!
the door opened, a hand came towards me and grabed me... help!
the rubbings not so bad but i still wanted to get away can't they tell...
they put me back and closed my door and i went back to my corner
i watched them talking to the other puppies but
they didn't open any cubbies
then... they were gone
i wanted the light to go away so the faces would stop looking at me
i wanted to sleep forever
oh no the lady & man were back... why?
the lady seemed sad kinda like me
so i made an effort to creep up to her
this time she held me
i like them but i think it's safer just to be left alone
when they put me back, i wondered why my sibs weren't put back?
i think i'll sleep, i won't see the faces...
wait, what's happening, where are you taking me, oh no
this room is different, lots of faces, so much noise
i don't see cages hey i see the lady and the man, why out here?
hmmm, the man is reaching for me... i think i like him, i don't know
uh oh he's now taking me outside, why? i don't understand
the smells are different, where are they taking me?
i'm so scared i'm shaking, at least he's being nice to me
they put me in a big cage with them instead of my cold cubby
this cage moves and the man is holding me tight
when it stops they open the cage and i was put down
here's my chance i should run but where? i saw bushes...
i knew to hide
i listened as they told some humans about being sad and visiting ADL
they said they were looking for a little black girl puppy
but when they saw me well...
they said i was going to help the heart; what does that mean?
i now know the day before, they buried the lady's mommy.
i tried to move quickly through the bushes
but they caught me and put me back in the moving cage
we went to another place
this one had a big black doggie, i was glad to see this doggie
they were calling it Crikit, a girl doggie yeah!
well, i quickly decided i wanted to stay with Crikit
she didn't seem to want to be around me, i didn't undersatnd
i didn't feel good but i liked her and this place
so much better than the scary cold cubby
they were trying to make Crikit play with me but she wouldn't
turns out i was really sick and Crikit knew it!
well sad blue-eyed lady & brown-eyed man
lucky for me, became my new h-parents!
but when h-mom took me back to ADL the next day
i was scared she was going to leave me!
it turned out okay, they gave me lots of medicine cos i had
kennel cough, worms plus an ear infection!
the medicine made me feel better.
h-mom brought me back to the place with Crikit

i just wanted to be next to Crikit
but h-mom & dad wanted to play with me lots plus
they called me all kinds of odd names, i don't know why...
but one day h-mom said a name i liked, i ran to her wagging my tail
she was so surprised because i did my best to stay away from them
you see i was all about Crikit
mom figured since i ran to her when she said*'Sparky' *that i liked it
well she was right and that's how i got my name
it sure beat my ADL name Gunther
or the name my h-mom & dad kept calling me, Bandit

i think cos i am gold, brown, with a black mask and i sneak off with things
the other names they tried on me well, i just ignored
i guess i would have been okay with Tarzan since i like to leap through the air
but i took matters into my own paws and let them know what i liked

and that's the way it was...
June 4th, 2005 is my 4-ever home day!
Sparky ~ aka ~ Spartacus
i am loved


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story Sparky. You really had a tuff beginning but you ended up one lucky doggie. Your story was so sad in the beinning, it made our mom cry. We'll be proud to print your survival and rescue story on our blog.
Abby & Rosie

Pippa said...

That is a nice story. Well it doesn't start off nice but it has a happy ending. Bit like mine really.


Asta said...

Oh Sparky
I was so mesmewisedby youw stowy, and felt so sad about how scawed you wewe and how you just wanted evewyone to go away, and how lonely you felt..oh sweet Sparky..I'm so glad youw sweet family found you and now you have crikit and ginger cewtainly awe loved
smoochie kisses

andrahyb said...

Oooh! Now we know your story.

Thou' it didnt started out like a fairytale but am sure it is now beautiful! Your hoomans were GREAT people indeed! Paws up for 'em!

You're certainly LOVED fur-ever
and we are so glad thou' worlds apart, we are friends now! *kiss*

Buddies Fur-ever too!
Rudolf & Goofy

P/S: Mummy says she likes Spartacus!