Friday, November 30, 2007

Santa Paws ~ Please Read ~

Dear Santa Paws,

Hope you and Mrs. Paws had a wagging tail year. How are the Elfies? Are they working hard to get treats ready for all doggies, kitties & creatures? Now make sure your rein-doggies rest their paws enough to be ready for the round the world sleigh ride. How exciting! We love to go for rides. If you want we’re ready and we think mommy & daddy would let us go too! Think about it Santa Paws, k?

Well, I Crikit am the big black beauty or at least that’s what mommy & daddy call me and they put that on my stocking too in case you see that instead of my name. Oh and I'm the eldest of our trio, anywho, Mr. Paws, Sparky & Ginger agreed I should write for the three of us what we hope & wish for Christmas ~ it’s kinda long so get comfy ~

We discussed it and our little hearts wish for all doggies, kitties & creatures first and foremost to have someone to love that will love them back millions times over. Many are left to fend for themselves and it saddens us beyond our limited vocabulary. Mommy tries to help loose or lost pets when she can and we don’t like to see her heart hurt for them.

We wish for all kill shelters to be done away with please.

We wish for all humans to respect the lives of all living creatures big & small.

We wish you could find homes for all doggies, kitties & creatures for Christmas. We know each one would give so much back to their 4-ever family.

We wish that all doggies, kitties & creatures in a shelter of some sort that don’t yet have their 4-ever home yet, to get some love, a treat, eat till their bellies are full, have a bed & blankie for warmth and have pawsome dreams.

We wish that any doggies, kitties & creatures out in the world by themselves to find food, shelter, warmth and companionship of some kind till they find someone to love who will love them back millions times over.

We wish all doggies, kitties & creatures that are sick to get better and have their health returned to them. It would make their families happy and they would all have a Merry Christmas too!

We wish the hearts of all humans, doggies, kitties & creatures to be comforted if they have lost a loved one. Help them realize that their loved one is now happy & healthy, waiting & playing at the Rainbow Bridge in God’s Garden until it time for the family to reunite.

We wish that daddy & mommy could get land to give lots of doggies, kitties & creatures a loving home with us.

We wish all our DWB friends the happiest life ever full of love & licks & treats & pressies.

We wish if it doesn’t sound too greedy, that all three of us each get a full piece of Salmon or a baked chicken tender all to ourselves! Sparky would like mommy to get rid of her camera thingy. Oh and he would like a really big chew bone or a working retractable leash. Ginger would like any new toy, chew or pink necklace, she’s like mommy, they like everything, their the easiest to give pressies to. If you find in your bag a doggie toothbrush & paste well, Sparky could sure use them cos he sometimes eats poop! I guess I could too cos mommy & daddy say I have bad breath and ya know, I really don’t wanna go to Dr. D to get my teeth cleaned. But most of all Santa Paws, if you could get the elfies to make me a pink tennis ball I sure would appreciate it, even though any one will do. I so love tennis balls! Oh and we all loooves the Pedigree Denta Stix’s could you leave a note in mommy & daddy’s stocking to get us some every time they see them? It sure would really make our Christmas & New Year. Oh and is there anything you could leave me to stop my stinky toots? I thinks my whole family would be really happy ya know?

We hope you stop at our house. We’ve been really good doggies and we’ve minded our pee’s hehehe, I mean ppp’s & qqq’s what ever that means. Oh and we don’t bark at our neighbor too much anymore. We behave at Dr. D’s office & don’t snap at him when he pokes us. We wait to jump in the car or go out the door till mommy or daddy calls us. I check on BoyFish everyday for mommy oh oh we promise we won’t forget to keep daddy from lighting the fireplace so you don’t singe your hair or burn your paws! Oh and If you wanna use the doggie door we also promise not to bark or bite you if we get startled, k?

So, be safe Santa Paws as you travel around the globe to leave your paw prints! Please don’t miss our Dog House! Merry Christmas! Oh & Have a Happy Howling Night!
Lots of Love Licks & wagging tails,
Bow Wow 4 Now Santa
Crikit, Sparky, Ginger ~ aka ~ Texas Trio Barking Loud


Lorenza said...

Hi, friends
Sure I hope Santa will grant all your wishes! Specially for all those who don't have lovely homes.
Have a good night

Hazel Bridges said...

Hi Pups

Great list of Christmas wishes, I hope Santa paws reads it. Also we wish for a good one for all the people who run the shelters for both humans and animals - even on Christmas day.


Charlie Boy

Crikit, Sparky, Ginger! said...

Hi friendzees thank you for sniffin over!

Lorenza hope Santa grants all yours too! Aren't we all blessed to have our lovely homes... LL

Charlie Boy you sure are right cos the humans have them shelters too. We hope you & your family have the bestest! LL

We'll sniff over shortly lots of love licks & waggin tails to ya

The Brat Pack said...

Hi there!

Thanks for playing with us, we love your letter! We're gonna add you to our favorites if that's ok. :)

Tucker & the Brats

B said...

I hope you get all your christmas wishes - I'm sure those are santi paws real goals.

Lacy said...

woofies Crikit, Sparky and Ginger, dat wuz a pawsome little to santa hopies u get allll of u wishes!!!!

b safe,

Emma the Golden Girl said...

and the Canine Kids said,

Hi Buddies,
What a beautiful list of wishes you had.
And we hope you get all the presents your hearts desire.

Johann The Dog said...

That's a wonderful letter you three! We agree!

A very happy howliday to all of you, we are very glad you are our friends!

Woofs, Johann (and Gracie, too!)