Sunday, July 22, 2007

Volkswagen Series

Great Slogan
Get into the Volkswagen and it gets into you

The 3 recent commercials are fantastic but:
  1. The couple leaving the wedding could do without the blow fish face from the driver; wrote about the intrigue once before Volkswagen Convertible
  2. The tow truck driver has the classic look, casted well but VW should have showed a bit more emphasis on the shocked owner; I didn't notice him until I saw the commercial for the third or fourth time - excellent choice of music. Did you notice any details? The VW driver is a drummer.
  3. My most favorite though is the valet anxiety attack... The music is sexy, it was clever to pre-empted with the bad valet driver and his dates attempt to comfort him but... I so understand and can relate to the drivers issues... when you love your car ya just can't bare to hand your keys over to anyone! This one is award winning...

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