Thursday, July 5, 2007

Psst... peculiar with mist...

This was a peculiar day... all the strange morning events for one. Only got a mist in the early part of the day and some evening rumblings with a few flashes. No rain in our area even though the caster's claimed there was rain all over the city.
Blogged more than ever in one day but I had to vent. The hubby and I were missing our dance reality show (off because of the holiday) so we put up with the pirate one and found ourselves watching the big brother 8. The recent all star show was the first time we ever sat to watch big brother, so this time even though their wasn't anything on and we could have popped in a movie, we sat and watched. I am just not sure what I think yet but we got to enjoy a rerun of 'Men in Trees' so all ended good.

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