Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Psst... + a little rain

Rarely sleep late but wow 8:00 AM... Happy Fourth of July!

Okay so the morning was set aside for a pre-planned errand; thought it would start the day off great with the added expectation of having a wonderful day... guess not - it turned into a nightmare! At least I had the pleasure of meeting a nice Pastor and my loving husband was waiting at home, he truly is my other half; knows how to read the moment and help me through it if need be but I still feel the weight of it all...


Okay, it's now been a few hours and I am doing much better
To our surprise* K *called to wish us a Happy Fourth
That was so nice; she is turning into a thoughtful young lady
Well, I'm gonna put this on hold and go out to plant while it's cloudy and cool
This morning's incident just drained me and I could not get the mojo going
The honey finished the new tree hole and then we relaxed on the deck with the dogs
Came in to nap in the recliners
Later enjoyed some TV laughs
Cooked an awesome salmon dinner enjoyed on deck
We could see the far off firework shows
So we added the binoculars and popcorn
Then to close the evening, a wonderful Boston firework show on TV
The only complaint is - we are in the city limits therefore, no fireworks
But there always has to be some neighborhood jerks
The ones that break the law and upset the neighborhood pets
Especially my Baby Ginger
I hope they burn their fingers!
okay so that was mean
Oh & *0.75* of an inch of rain even though is seemed to rain for hours

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