Thursday, July 5, 2007

Psst... event 4

Missing the hub today so I went out to piddle in the side yard.
Odd day for events though...
Event 4
Remember those blond ladies? Well I didn't mention that sometime during one of the events I looked up to see them getting ready to turn down towards their cul-de-sac. They saw us and apparently decided to make a second round hoping we would be gone. Do you remember I stated I was determine to work slowly so they all had to pass us again to go home... So they passed the front of our house again and I can not hear what they are saying and I'm really not trying to but the point I am making is... the next time they made it back around and realized they had to pass us they were talking so LOUD that I could not help but think they wanted to agitate my Crikit. For about 2 seconds Crikit growled and acted anxious till she realized no little dog and then she just sat and watched them LOUD "rudies" no acknowledgement an all go by. I am certain I do not like these personalities and I am happy they are not my direct neighbors.

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