Thursday, July 5, 2007

Psst... event 1

Missing the hub today so I went out to piddle with the side yard.
Odd day for events though...
Event 1

I decided to take Crikit my big girl on a leash out with me. On occasion I take one at a time out front to work by my side and leave the other two together in the back yard so they don't feel too upset they didn't get to go. Well, I can only speculate how and when Crikit's bad temperament developed towards little dogs. It is understandable she has issues with some of the adults (primarily) that walk by because she remembers the ones that taunted her, threw a rock or banged on the fence. I saw a documentary about the different canals in a dogs nose that helps them remember smells to identify people, places and things. Well, Crikit is exceptionally smart being a mix of Border Collie, German Shepard and Wolfe. She remembers those who have done her wrong in her mind (nose) even if we cross paths with the individual a mile away from the house... it's the smell.
Okay so back to this morning; these two ladies that push a stroller by almost every morning I have caught on tape barking at my dogs when they pass, usually when leaving their street at the beginning of their walk but not too often when they pass to return to their street. Well, this time I was almost ready to turn the corner to the side of my yard when I heard them barking at the dogs so I hurried to catch them in the act. Well, I didn't realize how close they were to the corner I was about to turn and yes we almost collided. Crikit Miss Protector rushes and I had to drop my water jugs and lock her leash quick! It startled them big time bad 'cos Crikit's bark is loud and her teeth are scary looking not to mention when she crouches down like she is going to pounce; it would raise my hair if I didn't know her. Anyhow, it doesn't happen often but once in a while someone brings it out in her. They didn't realize that Crikit was more upset about the little mop dog walking close to them.
The mop dog is named Molly and her mom picked her up and did not attempt to even look our way, which is strange because we have spoken before on occasion and I have pet Molly. She crossed to the other side of the street saying goodbye to the blonde's. My guess is because she is friends/neighbors with them and didn't want to show that she knew me so she & Molly would look like the injured party, oooooh poor them. Of course I can only speculate but it is odd that she will even say good morning through the fence even though she can not see me but she hears me calming the dogs as she walks by... go figure human behavior can be so odd.
The other two ladies though went on and on to each other even though they were only about 6' away from me but to them I apparently was invisible. They went on and on discussing their determination that Crikit would bite, etc... I did lock her leash but gave her some leeway so that she was still in her 'yard' domain and I spoke to her in my reassurance voice reiterating the commands we use to calm the behavior. She is more aggressive/protective when she is by my side more so then when she is by the hubs side; I guess she senses the difference in strength between the hub and I. Usually people are polite enough to acknowledge each other with some type of comment but not these ladies. They must be the kind that think the world should cater... and how dare us who own this corner allow our dog(s) out in our yard while they are walking by. So Crikit and I went on about our business after that and since their actions hit a nerve in me I decided to take my time working on the side so all of them would have to pass back by us on their return! *Ha

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