Sunday, July 1, 2007

New Diet Pepsi Max

The only good thing about this commercial is the 'WAKE UP PEOPLE' *flash
I can not stand this commercial at allllll - I see a rude, bad manner, ugly message
What decent person yawns with out covering their mouth!
Who wants to see the going on's inside another's mouth, no telling what you'll see
Not to mention it contorts the face all up and ugly
Totally have to look the other way or grab the remote
Better yet, Pepsi should call Miss Manners for a scolding!
wasted money and air time
rating : ( ** awful
Commercial Critic out...


Deztnie said...

Amen! I agree. I prefer Coke products anyway. This "New Generation" leaves a lot more to be desired than just their soda choice. I too find the commercials to display a whole lot of character traits that I don't necessarily find acceptable or agreeable. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth just like the products...

Barking Loud said...

I'm with you Deztnie, totally Coke products and love the 'bad taste in the mouth' reference, wish I had thought to write it. Good One