Thursday, July 5, 2007

Psst... event 2

Missing the hub today so I went out to piddle with he side yard.
Odd day for events though...
Event 2
Okay, so I'm out with my big girl Crikit still on her leash and I am walking to and from the front with my water jugs. On one of my trips to the front I hear and then see "the truck" coming down the street (to leave the sub). Now there is a story behind this truck which, I will post an entry later so one can truly understand "the truck" and its owner(s). Well, I made a point of staring as it passed knowing good and well HE would stare back and today he had the woman with him. I did the double take look intentionally and then the stare down till he was out of sight because like I said I knew HE would be watching. So I filled up my jugs and Crikit & I went back to the side and what do I hear... "the truck" it's coming back up the hill; so I stand up and watch it go by with the female intuition that they aren't really going back to their house because they forgot something, they are showing how jerky HE or THEY can be. And oh how right I was...
A couple of minutes have now passed an I am heading back to the front to refill the jugs and who is coming down the hill from the other direction towards our house instead of passing by our house.... yes "the truck" with the couple in it. In order to come that way they would have had to drive past their house in the opposite direction, pass the first mini cul-de-sac and then take the next left. That is the only way they could end up on that street and at the stop sign that diagonally faces our house. I am not one to turn away when challenged by this jerk so I stopped, stood and stared blatantly with one hand on the hip and the other holding Crikit and we had a stand off so to speak. It's funny Crikit seems to remember too or so it seemed... I made the first move; I mouthed 'donkey' (word alternate), leaned forward and made a wide had wave so they couldn't miss it. HE did wave back and made his right turn and sped down the hill as I taunted this time by turning to watch till "the truck" was out of sight. REMEMBER, there is a past event that caused me to react this way. I will link it once I write it. Anyhow, I left it at that even though I was tempted to go in and remind jerk via e-mail that I haven't forgotten... but for all I know they changed their e-address. So, instead I called the hub and told him and he assured me jerk remembers too or he wouldn't have acted like he did today so let it ly... okay babe... even though it's been way over a year since "the truck" jerks did their thing, HE *is still a big "donkey."

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