Sunday, July 8, 2007

Psst... only drops

Nothing measurable as far as rain only spit...
What is up with us? We both were dragging after a rough nights sleep. We both must have been thinking of the water softener leak. Not too long ago we had a horrible group of days when we discovered our relatively new water heater had been leaking in the garage for a long time. It is a story to tell and maybe sometime I may do just that, If so I will link it... totally laughable now but a nightmare then!
Anyhow, it took a toll on us, so when we found more wet boxes and a stream on the floor it was a flash back to the difficult emotions from the previous water leak. Again it happened over a weekend and then, there are the warranty issues and the agents you deal with etc. In addition to ending the night vacuuming water out of the garage, we lost all the money we spent on lottery tickets. We got only one number on each ticket. To think someone somewhere in Texas won all $126 million and boo hoo it was not us just for the record... next time I guess
So back to our non-energy day where we accomplished so much!
  1. Watched some Wimbledon
  2. Went for breakfast tacos
  3. Went to the nursery
  4. Watched the Men's Wimbledon finals
  5. Mowed the entire front yard
  6. Trimmed back a tree, some bushes and vines
  7. Moved several plants to the back
  8. Created the rain harvest section
  9. Mowed almost all the back
  10. Planted a tree
  11. Went to W's
  12. Went for more dirt
  13. Finished the tree planting
  14. Transplanted a couple of glories
  15. Watered all the moved landscape items
  16. Picked up the yard (dog toys)
  17. Relaxed a bit
  18. Cut the hubby's hair
  19. and sometime in between did a load of laundry!

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