Monday, July 9, 2007

Psst... wonderful

Spent a be wonderful day with a wonderful family member
Had a wonderful lunch and a wonderful long visit
But every day always tend to have challenges... So I woke early as usual to get the hubby off and thought the kids would have slept through the night since we had a long Sunday but nooooooo. My baby Ginger decided to chew her big bottle of bubbles that still had some liquid in it and shredded the box collecting the stuffing which she spread out. She has found it so fun to pull the stuffing out of all their beds even though she loves extra fluffy pillows to sleep on. I gave them chews before we went to bed plus full bowls of food and H20 and some small boxes to tear up in case they couldn't sleep. Well the little one chewed even her new boomerang. dawg... I mean dang... so I had to scold her which, I don't like to do.
Okay so I had a lunch date at 11:30 AM and was ready by 10 but I don't know what happen that I ended up running late! Then the gas light came on when I really needed the AC. Got behind the slowest driver... ugh. I realized my inspection was past due and felt nerves because I was heading to a heavily police populated area. I had a wonderful lunch at a tea room but I found myself disliking one of the waitresses. Then I/we headed to the house for desert... yummmmmmmmmmmy. After a long long long chat and a lot of restroom breaks I bid my farewell. It was a very soul soothing visit and received a some wonderful gifts and some goodies to take home. Our visit was probably eight hours! My goodness, what a wonderful day.
But how funny when I arrived home; the dogs were anxious for me to make it to the kitchen 'cos it's rare they are home alone for so long... (it is so nice to be missed) and the hubby was so funny when I asked him if he ate some dinner and he said he couldn't find it! He also said he told himself I'll just wait she'll be home soon and then an hour passed and he said I know she'll be home any minute now and then another hour passed and he said to himself I hope she's home before I go to bed... I just love him so much! It's just so nice to be missed. Anyhow, he saw I was holding the plate of goodies and he grabbed them and felt the need to eat one before giving me a hello kiss. Then he went to his chair and commented that this was going to be a great dinner what was I going to eat. Yup, it was a wonderful day

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