Thursday, July 5, 2007

Psst... event 3

Missing the hub today so I went out to piddle with the side yard.
Odd day for events though...
Event 3
Truck issue over and I am in front of the house refilling water jugs. I see a man in red crossing the street to walk past our house. Crikit who is still with me on her leash, has not seen him but I'm not worried 'cos he does not have a little dog and has never walked by the side of our house (since that side has a camera and records all movement) therefore, he most likely has never upset them... meaning Crikit should behave fine.
Well, even though the man has not come into her sight, she is acting agitated in the opposite direction. Since the trees are blocking my view from that direction I did not realized Molly the dog from event 1 was passing our house. Her mom picked her up and ignored me even when I spoke to her but in her defence she was passing the driveway the same time the man was passing her and she may have acknowledged him instead of me... I am not certain. Anyhow, man in red shirt was watching Crikit since he wasn't sure about her so I then acknowledge him by saying 'she likes people but not small dogs'.* By that time he could see she forgot all about Molly going in the other direction (towards our side yard) and wanted to meet him and stood wagging her tail at the red shirt man till he completely passed. We then headed around the car back towards the side yard and Crikit became alert again. Molly was still in sight and by Crikit's domain area. The lady never turned around, ever, not even when she turned onto her cul-de-sac. Our neighborhood truly keeps to themselves unless you have kids. We hope to sell one day... nice house but unfriendly neighborhood. What a morning...

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