Friday, July 6, 2007

Sparky's BARK

I got a grip and I still can’t figure out what to do… Thank goodness mom is usually home and when I go in to get her she comes out and stops Crikit. Crikit is going through something. She has moments where she is scary. For instance: loud noise like the garbage truck, recycle truck, moving trucks, delivery trucks and some diesel trucks makes her crazy. We use to all run the fence back and forth together and bark at them until we made them leave. It was fun. Whenever we heard them coming we would race to the fence… it was fun but it’s not fun anymore ‘cos she wants to run by herself and lately she won’t let Ginger and me run by snapping at us when we run too close to her. She sometimes turns and chases which ever one of us is closest to her, Ginger or me, until she gets to nip one of us.

We stand back now or run at a distance but she still wants to go after one of us afterwards and she won't stop until she snaps at one of us. I got smart and I now stay on the deck and go in and get mom. I wait on the deck and mom comes out and scolds Crikit. It’s starting to get back to normal but I think the hot sun makes her temper rise. She snaps at me sometimes when I get to close to her and all I am doing is trying to calm her or kiss her, she usually likes when I kiss her… but she better watch it ‘cos I get irritated too and I can snap back… even if I am the mellow one of the bunch!
Okay I feel better now that I got to bark!
Bow wow for now, Sparky out...

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