Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Psst... 11:12


a sad moment in time for me

whenever I see this on the clock

I remember... thousands of memories


Deztnie said...

Share... even just one. Be as loud as the bark inside. Be your own bark. It seems to be such an extraordinarily overwhelming task just to overcome the fear of our own self. Some college did a study to see if as many people (strangers) take note of us as much as we think they do. Turns out people notice us 50% less and tend to think more positively rather than negatively. The researcher decided to live her life twice as big and now enjoys more acceptance and praise than she did when she was shy and too afraid to be herself. Go figure. Live bigger! Be blessed.


Barking Loud said...

Deztnie thank you for your encouragement; you have such a way with writing. I'm not ready to write of those memories, they are still hugging the heart to help it heal. The time reference refers to my mothers passing. In time, I will find just the right chapter 11 with the right verse 12 to replace the heartache of the clock. Many blessings to you.