Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Psst... blessings all around

So yesterday was an unplanned rest day. But I have learned recently to cater to what the body needs instead of trying to push on. I did not even get out of my lounge clothes. The hubby knew I didn’t feel good when he arrived home 'cos the only time I haven't changed out of my lounge clothes was during recovery. Anyhow, I am now dealing with the frustration of not accomplishing much but I feel better today...
My man on the other hand was showered with blessings and I love knowing it.
So, I hope I have loads to update later: after the day completely unfolds. One thing I know for sure, I get such joy and love daily from the kids (doggies) and my wonderful hubby, so if nothing else, I can look at that as an accomplishment in itself… hmmm can I say blessing?

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