Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wagging Tails 3 - Ginger

hi my name is Ginger
i have a big sister named Crikit and a big brother named Sparky
here is my story...
i was just a pup and got lost from my home over a year ago
i was picked up by the dog catcher and was so scared
because i was just weeks old i was sent to a foster home
that's where i met Lucy, she was my age
i think she was an orange chow mix
the pound named me Ethel, yuck
i was black with reddish brown undertones and a pinch of white
i was kept in a pen with Lucy and we had fun together
while i was there i got mange
that wasn't so fun but i got medicine
one day in april, earth day celebration to be exact
Lucy and i were taken to the park and put in our pen
we played while people oowed & aawed over us
Lucy and i wrestled and slept off & on in between interruptions
well, Lucy was taken out of the pen by a couple of kids
turns out her new family was lived far away from our city
since she was moving far away i had to say goodbye forever
the family saw her picture on a website and drove a long way to adopt her
she was going to be loved by a little girl & boy whose mother was very ill
i was taken from our pen at the same time too
a blue-eyed lady and a brown eyed man
they put an umbrella over me to shade me from the hot sun, that was great
i cuddled in their arms and the next thing you know i was in a car
i was confused so i just laid very still
when the car stopped a green-eyed girl and her mother came out to see me
i didn't know what was going on so i pretended i was too tired to wake up
but i really liked the petting...
next time the car stopped i met two big dogs
one was brownish and the other looked like a big me!
they didn't want to come near me... they were weird acting
so i stayed near my new h-mom & dad
i slept so much and itched a lot that my h-mom took me to the doctor
she was proud of me 'cos apparently i walk good on a leash
at the doctors i heard people say 'what a good little dog' 'cos i just sat and starred
they didn't know i wasn't feeling good
turns out i still had mange and a bad case of tape worms
but after all the medicine i felt great
i jumped, ran and chased the other dogs
totally loving my new home!
later i learned when my h-mom & dad first saw me they wanted me
they thought i looked liked a puppy would if...
Crikit & Sparky would have had a pup
h-mom & dad were at the park to get free trees when h-mom said
lets go look at the adoptee dogs
when they saw me they both thought i looked like their two at home
dad wanted me right away!
but after they first saw me my h-mom said 'lets wait'
**oh my gosh**
they left and walked around looking at all the booths discussing me
when they came back to look at me again i was gone
they were disappointed but when they walked away they found me
i was being carried by a little girl who wanted me
the foster lady said 'i thought you left, do you still want her?'
they said they felt better that someone was interested
they were going to let them have me
the mother of the little girl didn't really want to adopt me though...
i didn't know what was going on so it was okay that they put me back
with Lucy
i didn't see the lady and man for a long time after that
i learned that my h-mom was really hesitant to adopt me
because they already had two dogs that were already trained
and she felt it would be hard for one person to pet all three the same time but...
h-dad kept asking 'aren't we going to get her?'
so she told my h-dad...
' lets go put the trees in the car and if she is still there when we get back we will adopt her'
apparently h-dad walked really fast because they parked far away
he really wanted me!
next thing you know...
life's good...

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