Friday, June 15, 2007

AT&T - Rethink Your Ads

Okay I finally decided I need to write about the AT&T cell phone commercials...
You know how AT&T is promoting their service by implying that you will experience dropped calls from all other service and not theirs well...
The Vegas one is definitely one of the good ones... I get the grins and spurts of giggles for many minutes after. The mother last statement "Jennifer don't make the same mistake I did" because she thinks her daughter is going to get married makes the commercial. My hubby's reaction makes me laugh even more because of the looks and comments he makes every time he sees me giggle over that commercial. But since I don't like the look of the couple in Vegas...
rating: * 4.5-stars

The next day call after the first date is pretty good too... mainly because of the guy's believable acting skills, the look, body language and the cracking voice is superb
rating: 8 4-stars

The girl receiving flowers from her boyfriend and letting her mind wonder about the intent is stupid... the insecurity thing blows it, I don't like the momentary feeling of discuss
rating: 8 boo

The commercial where the lady is telling her husband their having a baby should be pulled. pregzilla is a major turnoff... it makes you feel for the hubby; it leads you to believe she was a bridezilla and makes you think of the crazy lady rather than cell phone service.
rating: 8 AX

The boss complimenting the employee just leaves you discussing the stupid things the employee says afterwards that would blow any promotion if the boss could still hear her; yet again 'not' leaving you with the thought of cell phone service
rating: * 1-star

The father-in-law talking with his son in law who puts his foot in his mouth isn't bad because you discuss how lucky he was that the connection did drop, I'll be nice...
rating: 8 3-stars

Theme of ads not good... will it promote customer change, most likely not

Commercial Critic Out

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