Friday, June 8, 2007

DANNON - Funny Mix-up

Something went wrong… 2-commercials… Hmmm maybe it was just me but something definitely went wrong but all-in-all, we got a good laugh plus some health benefits to boot.

Heard of Activia and ‘the challenge’ you know, take it for just two weeks and you will feel better or your money back?

How about the DanActive with the immunitas; the family drinking it while dad is reading about it?

Well, how is it that my hubby & I were out shopping at one of those warehouse grocery stores and when we came across DanActive in bulk sale we thought, oh 2-week challenge! We didn’t read the print we just immediately agreed to purchase 2-weeks worth for the both of us. At least we would have something in the event we missed a sit down breakfast. Okay, so we tossed 4-weeks worth into the basket and merrily went along. By the way, it tastes good especially the blueberry. It took over a week though ha ha, before we realized we crisscrossed the commercials! We purchased the brand with immunitas thinking we were getting the product for the de-bloat challenge. What a giggle we got when the light bulb came on… maybe they need to make one for memory boost ha ha!

At least they were both DANNON products so the company doesn’t lose out. Anyhow, my dilemma: How and why did the both of us experience the confusion? What could the two commercials do different to keep the consumer (me) from going awry? I’ll have to get back to you on that one. I have to pay attention to detail now when they come on!
Smiles, Commercial Critic Out…

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