Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wagging Tails - The Stats

So you want to know about the kids... Crikit, Sparky & Ginger... well...

i am Crikit

  • my nicknames are black beauty, big black baby, tank (h-dad) tankette (h-mom), bull in china shop (h-mom), psycho (h-dad), big girl and precious
  • i weigh about 65 lbs.
  • i am part border collie & sheppard/wolf
  • i am predominately black with a white tip tail, white on my chest, golden eyes and really distinctive ears; by that i mean they are pointed, big and h-dad calls them antennas
  • i bark the loudest, scare people easily and sound like a race horse when i run and know lots of tricks, my favorite is slamming my food bowl right in front of h-mom & dad when i'm hungry... works every time
  • i have lived here 3-years, fathers day is my anniversary date

i am Sparky

  • my nicknames are baby boy, son, handsome, big boy, tarzan, sparks (dad), sparkles (gosh mom)
  • i weigh about 51 lbs.
  • i am described as part greyhound & lab though some people think a little ridgeback
  • i am blonde, brown, black, white and have lovable brown eyes and pretty teeth
  • i leap the highest in my family, play football with my h-dad and leap to pop bubbles
  • i have lived here 2-years, june 4rd is my anniversary because of nana's memorial service

i am Ginger

  • my nicknames are gingi, baby ginger, angel baby, ginger cookie, baby cakes and piglet
  • i weigh about 30 lbs.
  • i think i'm part fox, part terrier, possibly part sheppard but i definitely have a fox like tail
  • i am black with reddish, brownish and whiteish understones, i really look like a little Crikit but i have mysterious chocolate brown eyes and i have perfect teeth and a great smile
  • i am the best alert dog, love to play and chase Crikit & Sparky, airplanes, butterflies and birds, really anything that fly's especialy bubbles, i stand on my back legs a lot
  • i have lived here 1-year and my anniversary date is earth day, to be exact april 22nd

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