Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wagging Tails 1 - Crikit

hi, my name is Crikit
i have a little brother named Sparky and a little sister we call Ginger
here's my story...
i joined h-mom & h-dad 3-years ago; it was a confusing time for me...
i was with my mom Chula (wolf & Shepard), my dad (border collie)
my siblings & i playing wild and free, then...
i am in a new house with cats & a pretty dog name Bella
a couple of birds, a ginnie pig and a green eyed girl ewing & awing over me
her mom is making something called a doggy pack for me...
what is going on?????
i think best to just watch 'cos i think i'm a little scared...
oh my, we are at another house that has lots of dogs
everyone is owing & awing over me
this is too confusing so i am going to pretend i am sleeping
oh my golly who are all these people? then...
a blue eyed lady and a brown eyed man show up
the green eyed girl puts me in the arms of the brown eyed man
i hear...
Happy Father's Day!
he really likes me i can tell but i'm not sure about the blue eyed lady...
i end up leaving with them and the next house had no dogs
okay i am tired of not playing so here goes
jump, jump, leap, jump, leap
i like this place, miss my sibs but i like all the attention!
uh oh gotta go
yikes blue eyed lady mad, brown eyed man nice
i'm happy
jump, leap, jump, jump, leap
i love my crab toy, it was in that doggy pack
wow big yard, they seem to want me to do my business out there
for all to see! yuck!
but i do 'cos blue eyed lady is scary when i don't
we haven't gone to any more houses so i guess this one is mine
they kept calling me 'Crikit'
so i figured that was my new name
i think because i jump a lot plus i'm almost all black
their teaching me things like
no, stop, potty, sit and other things
i must be smart 'cos i learned them all really fast
i wanna stay!
happy day!
they let me stay!

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