Thursday, June 28, 2007

Heavy Rain!

OM golly, heavy heavy rain!
Dogs will not go potty, I even took them out with the umbrella!
History has it...
If it is raining hard they will not go out back to potty,
The front yard is bi-level with trees on the lower half that defuse the rain
so with the rock wall dividing the upper & lower section, their not as exposed
also we have the covered porch to wipe them dry
Crikit will #1 in the front yard & #2 only when she just can't hold anymore,
Sparky will only do #1 if he is about to explode,
Ginger is like 'what! people will see me, are you out of your human mind?!'
so continuous rain can be very trying in our house...
the past few days have been with dry out breaks
therefore, the dogs get to potty but today is rough...
get it ... ruff... lol
over 3 inches and the yard is now a lake

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