Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sparky Speaking

i really love mom but she yelled at me for eating a vitamin...
i thought vitamins were good for you. well, i guess since technically they were hers that's why she was mad. now she's trying to make me drink water and i don't want to!

anyhow, Ginger chewed the bottle last night... why isn't she getting in trouble, then she put them under her fluff pad and when i got hungry this morning i moved the pad and started chomping; kind of orange chewy but before i could eat them all, mom grabbed them and started yelling at me... somehow that doesn't seem fair.

okay so yesterday i ate one and threw up but i think it was because it didn't go with my carrots i had that morning, but i felt fine afterwards... give me a props for trying to be healthy mom, golly

bow wow for now... Sparky out...

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