Friday, November 2, 2007

Woof Woof ~ Sparky!

Hi Sparky!
Thanks for sniffing by!
We all like you lots. We sniffed on over to your blog and you got a cool one. Hopefully mom (our typist) will get on the ball... hmmm ball ~ I think I want to go play.
I think it's cool we have the same name, best name ever
if we say so our selves, huh?!
~ sorry Crikit sorry Ginger~ we left you a paw print
we'll sniff on over again real soon.
We want to know how you did on your agility.
Bow Wow for now my New Friend ~ Lots of Love Licks
Sparky wagging out...


Sophie Brador said...

Wow! Sparkys everywhere. I'm getting confused.
Nice to meet you doggies.


Barking Loud said...

Hi Sophie Brador!
pretty name & beautiful eyes!
We make a special post for all first time visitors!

Lots of Love Licks and wagging tails to you!