Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Window to the World ~ yeah!

Sparky here... this week mom redid our window to the world and she let us peek out before she did the final fixing - take a look:mom knows I love to look out the window so she called me over first to investigate after she took off the old screen... I was a little apprehensive... can you tell?

Crikit here... like always Sparky likes to think it's his window so I tolerate but I pushed him aside so I could survey everything... niiice wish it could stay this way...
Ginger here... well mom called me over but Crikit didn't want me to look out and mom put her hand through the window and kept pushing Crikit back so I could have my turn but Crikit was stubborn.. gosh just 'cos I'm the baby doesn't mean she can push me around so I pushed back and lunged forward so fast my head went threw the window hole! I was shocked but it was fun and everything looked weird and mom needed to be protected - she was on the outside!
Window Creation: I wasn't born yet but I know the story of the window... there were these two gray dogs that would walk by almost everyday and they would tease Crikit and Sparky and their masters would stop and let them tease a long time... very rude neighbors and it upset Sparky and Crikit really bad every evening and one day as Crikit got bigger and stronger and madder and she lunged at the fence and broke the boards. It was getting dark and mom & dad had to fix it with the resources they had at home 'cos stores were closed. Voila there wasn't enough good wood left so a window was created with a screen cover. It's been great not having to peek threw cracks in the fence so that's the story of the window and I love it too! Good thing those mean neighbors moved away.

Well, we have another rude neighbor we have to deal with but I think mom let him know 'cos she ran out the front door... he's been walking by the last couple of days and he's never been by before that we can remember and he was carrying a stick and when we started barking to let mom know someone strange was out here, he hit the fence! twice... the fence is even scared on the outside, mom said. It's at least 5 feet from the sidewalk so he had to reach out... it was on purpose and mean! SO when mom heard us today she ran out the front and I don't know what happen but we'll see tomorrow... mom put up the cameras and she told dad she was going to be outside tomorrow to catch him in the act... we'll let you know... he is so skinny I wonder why he is walking, it's not like he needs to lose weight, I think he is just wants to nosy around the neighborhood cos he doesn't walk far at all before he turns around. Mom said she know's who he is but she wants to catch him in the act... some people just don't like dogs I guess

what a shame... Ginger out for now...

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