Friday, November 30, 2007

Bloggie BROKE!

mommy don't know how to fix it :-(
our picture won't come up any more :-(
our tails have stopped wagging for a bit till we figure it out...
guess it's for the best cos
We haven't finished our Christmas card list yet!
Bow Wow 4 Now Friends


Lorenza said...

Blogger is weird sometimes. Don't worry, try later and you pictures will appear!
Have a good night

Luc & Remy said...

Hey, thanks for introducing yourselves! You guys look pretty awesome. We bet you'd be fun to play chase with. We'll stop back in to see your pictures. Luc & Remy

Abby and Jack said...

Hey guys! Thanks for being such great pals! We enjoy hearing from you and now that Daddy is better, you should be seeing some new stories soon!

Snowball said...

Oops. Blogger can be pretty naughty at times. I hope the service will resume soon.

I am preparing my christmas cards too.