Saturday, November 3, 2007

Woof Woof ~ Sophie Brador!

How wonderful for you to sniff on by!
Crikit here... I am the big black beauty!
We have a consensus - you have the most beautiful eyes!!
It is surprising there seem to be so many doggies named 'Sparky' out in the world. Some spell it a little differently but Sparky Barky spells it the same. But heres a secret for you to know... Sparky chose his own name! Long story...
We call ourselves The Gang sometimes on the blog boards since there are 3 of us who try to get mom to post for us... she takes all these pictures and then drops the ball ~ ball hmmm I think I want to go play!
We like your blog and all your pictures so we'll be sniffing by often!
Lots of Love Licks and wagging tails... The Gang


Charlie dog said...

Hi Guys

Thanks for dropping by. My humans are Accountants in England. I act as office security guard (easy peasy - the clients think I'm a cute fluffy dog - they don't realise I'm checking them out for contraband to confiscate (chocolate, sandwiches and any other edibles are to be detected and removed for further auditing).

Keep ticking

Charlie Boy

Sophie Brador said...

Aw Shuck! I'm blushing. Thanks boys.