Sunday, November 4, 2007

lazy daizy Sunday

Crikit here... mom & dad were home practically all day... yeah!
after our morning playtime with dad he settled in for football. i still wanted to play so I snagged Sparky's football and wrestled with it... i felt like a pup!

i razzed it

and wore myself out

no one felt like playing 'cos they wanted to work on their chews... hmph

Sparky here... well i didn't wanna play 'cos mom gave us chews and i love my chews but mom and her camera can really take the fun out of it mom do you mind? really now

geezze i'll just have to ignore you for now but i'll give you love when i finish

Ginger here... ya'll can go ahead and relax i can guard and chew on my treat no worries.

really i can see everything from this angle

hey moms camera angle really shows my highlights, cool, mmm this is good

lucky us, nice weather and a tasty chew

whatta perfect way to spend a Sunday

Hope ya'll had a good one too ~ wagging tails out...


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Howdy! Glad you guys came to visit. We are looking forward to reading your blog and getting to know you! Maybe since the extra daylight went away, Mom will sit in front of the computer and make entries for us. At least we can get her to leave a few comments.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy
Dachsies Rule

Aniemother said...

Hi guys! Looks like you had a good Sunday! We just relaxed with mom, too!

Sniffs and sneezes,
Bajas, Coco & Nimbus

Barking Loud said...

Roxie! Sammy! Andy!
wow thanks for sniffing by. So glad your mom left a comment for ya'll. Mom tends to put our posts on back burner from time to time but she's been good lately.

Lots of Love Licks and wagging tails!

Barking Loud said...

Hey Bajas! Hey Coco! Hey Nimbus!
how fun you sniffed by. Mom calls us wiggle butts too that's so funny. We sniffed over and ya'll have a really cool blog.

We will pray for Steven. so sad we know. our cousin Bella passed of Crohn's. whne her mom added flax & omega oil to her food she seem to have better days along with her med's of course.

trot on over anytime, Lots of Love Licks & wagging tails, Crikit, Sparky & Ginger ~ aka The TX Gang