Sunday, November 4, 2007

Woof Woof ~ Charlie Boy!

We love visitors to sniff by!

Hey we do yard guard so not too much contraband for us but lucky you!

We all think you have a great picture on your profile. Mom wants to do another one of us but we give her a hard time when the camera comes out... it's fun. She lived in England once, she liked it lots.
Lots of Love Licks & wagging tails to our New Friend...


Charlie dog said...

Hi Guys

Do your humans find taking pictures of you black beauties tricky?

Some of my photos (particularly if my hair is long) are difficult to see which end is which!

Woofs & wags

Charlie Boy

Barking Loud said...

Hi Charlie Boy!
oh yes, sometimes you can't see our features and if we didn't have a white spot on our chest we would look like black blobs! We always hear mom go 'ah man lets try it again' Charlie you are so adorable, love the curls

Not me (oh Sparky here)no picture problems here

Lots of woofs & wags back at ya!