Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Prayers for Dolly & her Humans

DWB has such a wonderful idea with
~ Paw It Forward ~
we make it a point that everytime we review our site we visit the doggie that comes up. we vist anywhere from 1 to 10 a day depending on how time we are on the computer.
Today though, we got Jim and the last post entered... so sad
Dolly was stolen in London
please send up Dolly prayers
Update: yeah! she is home now!


Paula Rimmer said...

Hi there,

many thanks for your doggy prayers. Dolly was found a month after she was stolen - she has made a full recovery & is tucked up at home in Notting Hill as we speak!

Love from Paula xx

Barking Loud said...

If we don't stop wagging our tails they just might come off!!!

Lots of Love Licks! Bow Wow 4 Now