Monday, November 5, 2007

Long day.....

mom seemed to be crazy with the camera today
Sparky was trying to nap

and the flash woke up Crikit too
who then was not happy with Sparky 'cos he ate his food plus hers and then was chewing on
her bowl... look at him trying to act aloof
so I took charge and tried to stop mom and the flashy thing

it worked for a bit
then she got Sparky again!
he was thinking about chewing on the shoe leftovers from this morning
oh btw mom forgave me for my oops

but Sparky got fed up with the camera, he went to one of the pillows under the table. That's me cuddled next to him 'cos it seemed like a long long day.

Probably 'cos I messed up this morning. Oh, the table thing worked and mom went off to watch TV.... aah sleep, it's a good thing!

Ginger out for now...

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