Thursday, October 4, 2007

we can be crazy around here...

Today Crikit must have been out of her mind ~ lucky she didn't get in trouble ~ dad caught her peeking in the bathroom at him upstairs!!! He didn't even call her up, she snuck up and then went into their bedroom and peeked at dad. I guess since she stayed on the carpet protector is why she didn't get in trouble.... dang not me.

Today I played football a different way with dad... it was so fun it was with my bone instead of my big ball... I love to hear dad yell "hut hut" I bark my commands and then I jump but this time he said I was off sides but I was really teasing him by thinking "you can't get me fat man" hehe, I jumped at him instead of jumping for the ball... if he knew I called him fat he might not play with me again... ah dad I just playing... i like to jump up and try and lick his mouth and he then runs from me hehe, I think he like me to chase him

I gotta get mom to take pictures so you can see... football is so fun

well bow wow for now Sparky out

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