Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ginger here

Today I went out front with mom to hunt acorns... mom said I did good off my leash and I didn't even boof at the two people that walked by. She even took a picture of me!

Later she let me go with her down the street to the mail box and off the leash too! Only thing though, she made me wear my necklace. At least it has a pretty heart on it.

Crikit and Sparky acted mad at me when I got back but Crikit likes to chase loud trucks and little dogs so she has to be on a leash. Sparky, well mom called him for his turn to go out and hunt acorns but he didn't want to leave Crikit. I wish you could hear my sarcasm... oh well I got to go out instead... hmph
Have I told you that when dad gets home it's the best! It's play time and then we never know who gets to go on the evening walk... I hope it's me tonight but mom keeps telling Sparky it's his turn. The only good thing, if I don't get to go it's play time again when they get home because m&d go out on deck and watch us frog hunt. gotta go treat time! Ginger out...

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