Thursday, October 11, 2007

I couldn't help it ~

Yah it's me again... Ginger
when mom turned on the light i ran to her 'cos i knew she was gonna be mad. she patted my head and i thought 'oh good' but then she took a couple of more steps into the kitchen and she stopped and made a loud sigh. i ran up to her and got in my apology position and laid my ears back and gave her my puppy eyes but she didn't even look at me... so i tried to do it all over again but more in front of her but she didn't even look at me!

the scary thing was she didn't even say anything so i stood up on my back legs and rubbed my front paws on her and she didn't even look at me so even though my legs didn't want to stand anymore i repositioned and kept rubbing my paws on her and then i saw her put her hand on her hip and i got scared so i got down but then... i went to the other side and got in my squat apology position again and when i looked up at her she put her hand on my head but she didn't look at me so i started shaking a little but she didn't notice so i shook really hard and she gave me an okay look and patted my head and walked away.

i was really unsure of the situation so i went to my bed. mom then dropped a big bowl of rice and then she seemed mad.

we all followed her to the front door so we could say goodbye to dad. dad though told us to get in the kitchen but none of us moved and then oh my gosh his loud voice said 'WHAT's THIS' and i knew i needed to crawl into mom lap 'cos he sounded mad and Crikit and Sparky went and sat by the front door and just stared at me like they were tattle tailing... gosh guys but when dad came back around the corner he didn't say much but after her patted me on the head i figured all was okay.

what is wrong with me... can i help it if i am so curious and the bag smells good? after all it was only recycle stuff... i don't see what the big deal is... hmmm

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