Friday, April 4, 2008

Sparky here... so last Friday

we thought we had started the road trip to only find ourselves in the parking lot of PETCO!

we weren't sure what to think but Ginger was already set to run!

mom & dad said we must get a bath and took us to the self-serve-washroom @ PETCO.

I went first & I was scared walking up the ramp into the tub but turns out I kinda liked it as you can see from my happy face! Daddy is a real good scrubber.

Then we got to run the open area of the parking lot. Woohoo so fun, I totally recommend!
Love Licks, Sparky out!


Johann The Dog said...

There is nothing better than a good scrubbing! Glad you are back! Woofs, Johannsfj

Sparky said...

Oh, I think any kind of bath is horrible! I'm with Ginger on this one. But I'm glad at least you enjoyed it, Sparky.


Isis said...

Wow! what a great ride, too bad it was for a bath!


Snowball said...

I thought you were going for a shopping trip when you mentioned Petco but a bath...hmmm... did mum abd dad compensate you for being good during the bath?


Lacy said...

woofies and burf's, heehee dat wuz bad, take u on a road trip then make u take a baff...totally not fair...

b safe,
rocky, bear and angel lacylulu ;)

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sparky!
You, Ginger and Crikit look so happy there in the truck!
That self-serv-washroom sounds great! I'd love that!
Did you get treats after the bath??
I hope so!
Kisses and hugs