Thursday, April 17, 2008

Camera Monster Road Trip Pics

Back tracking to our road trip:

The furst thing we saw once we started our trip home was a cemetary fur planes!

Mommy took lots of pictures while Daddy was speeding by but we asked her 'please don't put them all on jus one k?'

Then we hit the road fur the 13+ hour ride home.

woohoo! lets go really fast daddy k?!

Arizona is full of rocks!

And more Rocks!

And way more rocks!

When Daddy slowed down we woke up at this reststop with rocks to climb on, so we were thinking we were gonna get to play!

but daddy only did a drive thru


Next thing you know we're back on the road... dawg

See how excited I was...

Me & Ginger were set to go!
We jus knew Daddy would stop and let us climb a few.

We were sooo excited!

but we ended up disappointed so we went back to sleep

Since we went to sleep we missed the "Things" that kept showing up along the road

We also missed the fire

Apawrently this welcome sign looks the same at each end of this state.
However, mommy got a better picture on the way home then she did going to Arizona.

Mountains & more mountains...

New Mexico is full of Mountains scattered all around.

We saw lots of dust storms jus like the sign says but they were too far off the road fur the camera to pick up.

We found 'GOLD' at least that's what the Continental Divide sign said.

This sign should be in AZ since we saw lots and lots of rocks when leaving that state.

This is what the area of the United States Continental Divide looks like elevation 4000 something

In New Mexico? sure don't seem like the right area to divide the US

We're traveling East, almost to the Texas line and it stinks!!

Thousands and thousands of cows on breeding farms and it stinks!

Mommy gags and gags and gags and we stress cos she sounds horrible and the air stinks!

This is what we see when coming back into TX at the state line sign.

Dad's speeding cos mommy has sensitive smelling and she gags like furever!

This is the Texas entry overpass and yup dad's speeding, mom's a gagging and trying to take pics too!

How crazy is that?!

And... we are in!

The Texas welcome sign and since it's almost dark, camera monster will have to stop cos the digital camera is full and so is the disposable flash camera. woohoo!

now... about 9 more hours to go



Lorenza said...

13 hours??? Sure you are good kids!
I like all the pictures.... even the blurry ones!
Kisses and hugs

Sparky said...

Wow, not that is a loooong drive! I do like the pictures. I've never been in Mexico before!


Bella the Boxer said...

At least you had each other! I just came back from a 13-hour road trip with nobody but Mom and Dad to keep me company. Sheesh. Nice pictures, though!

xoxo - Bella

duo_disaster said...

Nice peeps! We would love to be there definately(minus the 13 hour journey) thou'

Barking Loud!
Rudolf & Goofy

Drunkbunny said...

Loved the pictures!

Protip: back when I was a paramedic, we always had a jar of Vicks Vaporub on the ambulance. Before we'd go into a particular smelly scene (someone living in filth, someone with gangrene, or a death) we'd all put the Vicks right under our nose, like a petroleum moustache. REALLY helped with the smell. (Sorry if you already tried this.)

I wouldn't have been able to resist roaming around the plane cemetary, if they allowed tourists and photos.

Love, Sparkychronicles' aunt

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Mom says she has made that drive more times than she wants to remember ... and Tucson was only an overnight stop. She says the airplane grave yard is really interesting too. The rest of the trip is about as exciting as you described.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Cubby said...

Looks like a fun road trip - - -sort of...

Izzie said...

Mama says it's time for a little geography lesson! First of all,though, she agrees with the VapoRub thing. She used to go to people's homes to help them and sometimes she'd have to use that trick.

Now, the geography. First, mama thought "The Thing" was gone, but apparently not! And the airplane grave yard? Mama says it's called The Boneyard! Did someone say BONE?

The area with all the rocks that you all wanted to go climb? Guess what it's called? Go ahead. GUESS!. I DARE you!

(TEXAS Canyon). I bet Joe knew that!